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Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky SMWS

SMWS 93.52 Glen Scotia i 33.131 Ardbeg


W Warszawskiej Pijalni Whisky […]

Some time ago, having a free evening in the capital city, I went to the Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky to try a single cask from Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS). About the Society I wrote in the post of SMWS 73.35 - Aultmore. Here are also SMWS 4.151 - Highland Park, 19.48 - Glen Garioch, 93.38 Glen Scotia on the blog. It was my first visit to Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky. The place is open to 2200, which is probably unusual for whisky pump room. Inside is not particularly cozy. But the service was very sympathetic. Most importantly, they have single malts from SMWS, but the choice is rather modest, basically a couple of bottles available. Plus a few from other manufacturers. I started with SMWS 93.52, Wench with a wrench – Glen Scotia. 58,4%, 9 years old, refill ex-bourbon barrel. Obviously single cask, cask strength and natural colour. C: white wine, straw; N: at the beginning a fresh blast of alcohol, as it breathes, it gets sweet, vanilla, with caramel, toffee, then peach and apricot, white chocolate, and after a while again, gently teases the nose; here is a flagship scent of vanilla from white American oak, which is characteristic for aging in bourbon barrels, after a certain amount of water it softens, becomes creamy vanilla, somewhere in in the distance I have traces of smoke, burnt sugar, used motor oil and a bit of ash; T: big, almost numbing sparks on the tongue, right here is a lot of vanilla, fudge and toffee, and for the moment I have even a bit of peat and ash, somewhere between shyly emerges peach and pear, after a certain amount of water, milk chocolate and a lot of bitterness; F: quite long with a slight bitterness, traces of dried apricot and orange peel. Score: 85. [caption id=attachment_4148 align=alignnone width=801] SMWS 93.52 Glen Scotia Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky[/caption] [caption id=attachment_4149 align=alignnone width=801] SMWS 93.52 Glen Scotia Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky[/caption] Then I...

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Bars Testing / Tasting

  • Ardbeg 10 years old

    Ardbeg 10 years old


    My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
    (89 points)

    Welcome to Islay

    After last posts about Chivas 12 years old and Johnnie Walker Red Label, its time to come back to single malts. Ardbeg 10 years old is the primary product of this famous distillery located on Islay. I have wrote about limited Ardbeg Galileo and Ardbog, today my tasting impressions of 10 years old version. [caption id=attachment_4132 align=alignnone width=801] Ardbeg 10 years old[/caption] C: straw, white wine; N: peat, ash alternately with citrus, lemon and lime, in a moment...

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  • diageo

    Johnnie Walker Red Label


    Testing / Tasting
    (69 points)

    “whisky no 1 in the world” – producer

    After Chivas 12 years old I decided to go after blow and describe the next blend. Blend by large B. Johnnie Walker Red Label needs no introduction. According to the manufacturer it is whiskey No. 1 in the world. This may be true in terms of the number of sold bottles. Johnnie Walker Red Label is a blended whisky, which is a mixture of grain whiskies and single malts, without specifying age (NAS). In the case of basic blends grain content is relatively large, easily and cheaply it can be...

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  • Chivas Regal 12 years old

    Chivas Regal 12 years old


    Testing / Tasting
    (74 points)

    12 year old blend

    Several people have asked me to present some tasting impressions of blends. Usually I do not give them too much time, which is reflected in blog posts, but there are no obstacles to write about them from time to time. Generally blends are a bit different products than single malts. These first are mainly used for drinking in the company, at parties, on the rocks, with cola or in cocktails. In the case of single malts primarily I sink in their fragrances and flavors in quiet atmosphere....

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  • glen grant

    Glen Grant The Major’s Reserve


    Testing / Tasting
    (77 points)

    NAS from Glen Grant

    The blog has already hosted Glen Grant, but it was a great collectible whisky - 1948, 66 years old, bottled by Gordon & MacPhail for Wealth Solutions. Today something closer to the ground level, that is the basic version of Glen Grant The Majors Reserve, bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV. [caption id=attachment_4059 align=alignnone width=801] Glen Grant The Majors Reserve[/caption] N: surprisingly for a NAS does not have typical impact of alcohol, as it is quite sweet with caramel,...

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  • loki

    Highland Park Loki


    My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
    (91 points)

    Happy New Year!

    On Christmas wife presented me with a beautiful bottle of Highland Park Loki. This is one of the of Valhalla Collection released by Highland Park. Beside Loki, on the market Thor and Freya have already appeared. At the beginning of the New Year Odin will also join them. I will not go deeper into the Norse mythology, from which all mentioned come from. These characters have appeared also on the big screen, eg. in the movies Thor and Avangers. Among them Loki is my favourite character. After him...

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  • Bunnahabhain Darach Ur

    Bunnahabhain Darach Ur


    My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
    (84 points)

    … from the series of NAS for Travel Retail

    After Bunnahabhain Eirigh Na Greine today another single malt from the same distillery, also the NAS for the Travel Retail - Bunnahabhain Darach Ur. What is very positive that producer bottles whisky in natural color, unchillfiltered and higher alcohol content, 46.3% ABV. [caption id=attachment_4041 align=alignnone width=801] Bunnahabhain Darach Ur[/caption] Darach Ur means new oak in Gaelic, that name was given due to the fact that distillate was aged in new barrels made from...

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  • Bunnahabhain Eirigh Na Greine

    Bunnahabhain Eirigh Na Greine


    My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
    (78 points)

    Next NAS for Travel Retail

    A few days ago Bunnahabhain Eirigh Na Greine flew to me from the Frankfurt Airport. One of the recent editions from the distillery, prepared specially for the Travel Retail. Presentation almost very good - natural color, unchillfiltered and 46.3%. It is a pity that this is NAS (no age statement), though I think we have to get used to. [caption id=attachment_4026 align=alignnone width=801] Bunnahabhain Eirigh Na Greine[/caption] Eirigh Na Greine means morning sky in Gaelic. To...

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  • Yamazaki Distillery

    Tasting in Yamazaki Distillery


    Testing / Tasting Travel

    After visting, tasting.

    Previously I presented a photo report of Yamazaki Distillery visit. As it happens in decent distilleries, on site you can make tasting. Usually only basic single malt releases are available. In Yamazaki it was a lot more interesting. While the distillery tour, of course, we were offered Yamazaki NAS and Hakushu NAS - given in popular in Japan way, ie. with plenty of ice or for tough guys without dilution. Hesitantly, but I decided to let go my purism and check the ice version. Very tasty,...

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