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Yoichi 10 years old

Yoichi 10 years old


What Nikka makes on Hokkaido.

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Yoichi is the northernmost distillery in Japan, located on the island of Hokkaido. It belongs to the Nikka Whisky. About Japan and its whisky I wrote here (only in Polish). The company has in Japan one more single malt distillery – Miyagikyo. It is worth mentioning that also Scottish Ben Nevis belongs to them.

Yoichi Nikka

Yoichi 10 years old

Both Yoichi and Miyagikyo I’ve tried several times, but I haven’t posted my tasting impressions yet. Therefore, let’s start with Yoichi 10 years old, 45% ABV. The bottle of this single malt I bought in Japan and tasted for the first time in New Year 2013 in Narita. Then I have tried various other versions of Yoichi, mainly during TIBS & Whisky Live Tokyo 2013, I have always enjoyed them.

yoichi nikka

Yoichi 10 years old

Time to remind what I am dealing with.

N: raisins, also soaked version, nuts, Christmas cake, vanilla and a bit of peat, withe the deeper sniffing I feel in a little peppery and herbal, all nicely balanced, there is nothing too pushy,

T: tones of wood, traces of nuts, vanilla, with the time peppery notes develop, peat is perceptible, in the background we have fruits, including pineapple, melon and maybe peach, at the end pleasant oak returns,

F: medium long oaky with a hint of pineapple.

Score: 84.

I like Yoichi. Smell and taste make an interesting and balanced composition, which I willingly return.

yoichi nikka

Yoichi 10 years old

yoichi nikka

Yoichi 10 years old

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