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Tomintoul NAS the gentle dram with a peaty tang

Tomintoul NAS the gentle dram with a peaty tang


Peated NAS from Speyside.

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(77 points)


Single malts without specifying the age are produced probably by all of distilleries. Unless I’m wrong? Are there any distilleries that do not yet have NAS? Hmm … I do not think so. Lagavulin maybe… Sometime, somewhere I read that peated whiskies receive, at least statistically, higher scores than those where peat wasn’t use in the production. At the same time, it seems that whiskies with specified age, usually, but there are of course some exceptions (eg. Laphroaig Quarter Cask), obtain higher scores than those without (NAS). Thus, it may be a method for enhancing the level of NAS, you just need to use peated barley. It is possible that this idea came out also in Tomintoul where they presented peated NAS (they do it for quite some time now). Tomintoul – the gentle dram with a peaty tang, so say to distillery on the bottle. What else? Minimum ABV (40%) and probably coloring with chill filtration.


Tomintoul NAS Peaty Tang


Tomintoul NAS Peaty Tang

Let’s see what came out.

N: o…., peat is obvious, I was expecting something milder, the first impression is positive, smoke, impregnating agents, wood preservatives, burned wood, campfire, smoked fish, the smell evaporates relatively quickly, we still know that we are dealing with peat, but less powerful, somewhere in the background I have an orange, apple and ginger;

T: here, there is also no shortage of peat, and at the same time is it quite young and warming, ginger, smoked fish, traces of orange, apple and vanilla, relatively flat ….., that would be all ….;

F: medium length with peat and ginger.

Score: 77.

First impression is very good, healthy touch of peat, which, however, relatively quickly softens. Generally smell is quite nice. The taste is on the lower level, it is young and warming, also with a noticeable peat, but it lacks power and is quite flat. I suppose that after all the peat has played a positive role here, it keeps the smell and slightly diversifies the taste.


Tomintoul NAS Peaty Tang

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