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The Singleton of Dufftown Spey Cascade

The Singleton of Dufftown Spey Cascade


Kolejny NAS.

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(73 points)


Recently while shopping in a commercial network I encountered a single malt below 25 Euro. Encouraged by the price I decided to buy it.
Therefore, I present The Singleton of Dufftown Spey Cascade, 40% ABV. Reportedly this whisky was matured in American and European oak. It is NAS (no age statement).
Briefly about the brand of The Singleton, because it is not a distillery, I wrote on the occasion of The Singleton of Glendullan 12 years old destined for the American market.


The Singleton of Dufftown Spey Cascade

the singleton

The Singleton of Dufftown Spey Cascade

N: from the very beginning and still in the bottle, very gentle, sweet, malty, a lot of honey and caramel, after pouring into the glass all have escaped, so I have to sniff a little bit more and … still very gently, or flat if you wish to say it like that, I can still detect here the elements of sweets, coconut, honey and a touch of vanilla, perhaps a touch of peach too, it’s good that there is no particular alcohol irritation;

S: here I have tweaking on the tongue, then ginger, traces of wood and apple, grapefruit with accents of bitterness;

F: short, quite sweet, dry.

Score: 73.

The Singleton of Dufftown Spey Cascades is characterized by calm, or simply just flat smell, but without significant alcohol irritation, the taste is quite similar. This whisky should not discourage beginners, but also will not impress gourmets. Another NAS (no age statement) in a relatively competitive price (assuming that the current prices of single malts do not belong to favorable).


The Singleton of Dufftown Spey Cascade


The Singleton of Dufftown Spey Cascade

Comments (2)

  1. jester

    13 October 2016 / 13:35

    Dostałem Spey Cascade kiedyś w prezencie. Whisky ma bardzo fajne aromaty czekoladowe – ale musi chwilę pooddychać w kieliszku. W sumie ta czekolada to najciekawsza rzecz w tej butelce – ale tak jak napisałem – powinna postać w kieliszku 15-20 minut.

  2. Wojtek

    13 October 2016 / 13:53

    w Biedronce jest teraz promocja na to whisky, 0,7l za 99zł


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