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The Glenburgie 15 years old & The Miltonduff 15 years old

The Glenburgie 15 years old & The Miltonduff 15 years old


Ballantine’s Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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(80 points)


In the area around the last Christmas, I got The Glenburgie 15 years old and The Miltonduff 15 years old. These are relatively new products on the market, which more often appeared in a mixed form in blends. In what blends you could ask? It’s not difficult to guess because both bottles are signed with the Ballantine’s logo – Series 001 and 002 Single Malt Scotch Whisky. I think that this is a very interesting idea, because not many uninitiated people have heard about Glenburgie or Miltonduff, and you don’t have to look a lot for those who know the Ballantine’s brand. In this way, probably many will reach for the new single malt, already knowing Ballantine’s.

Ballantines Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Glenburgie 15 years old The Miltonduff 15 years old

Both of today’s delinquents I have tried during Whisky Live Warsaw 2017, and even thanks to the courtesy of Jan from johnnieswhiskies.blogspot.com, together with Andrzej from e-whisky.pl we made a fast comparison with independent editions from Gordon & MacPhail. The fact is that it was held during the festival’s very free atmosphere and that comparison is difficult to consider professional. Oh, that’s just fun.

Besides, in both cases I must certainly praise the indication of age, 15 years old, maybe NAS attack is slowly coming to an end, hmm … probably not yet, but it is a good prognosis.

Let’s get to work!

Ballantines Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Glenburgie 15 years old

The Glenburgie 15 years old, 40% ABV

N: in a bottle: sweet, caramel, toffee, scorched sugar, vanilla creme brulee; okay … it’s enough to pour it into a glass, and here it starts quite fresh, for sure with apple and apple pie, right away pear, all this is sprinkled with brown sugar and creme brulee, very calm and nice, no annoying alcoholic notes, it seems to me that the leitmotif is always apple and apple pie;

T: here it is warming up with ginger and pepper, you have to get through it, and yet it lasts, right after that I felt the dryness, touch of wood, then a bit sweet with caramel and vanilla, later an apple, pear, even lychee and grapefruit but it takes a bit of patience to get to these accents;

F: medium long to long, dry with sweet remnants, ginger and tongue pinching.

Score: 80.

As for the fragrance, it is very pleasant, traditional Speyside, unfortunately the taste can not catch up with it and it stays slightly behind, with some excess of dryness, ginger or wood in general.

Ballantines Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Miltonduff 15 years old

The Miltonduff 15 years old, 40% ABV

N: in this case, the sniffing of the bottle betrays slightly citrus notes, slightly sweet, certainly much more delicate than in the case of a colleague; to the glass, and there: very calmly and gently even with a certain amount of shyness, all that I do not know yet what exacly, is very far away, hmm, white pepper, ginger, lemon peel, delicate flowers, then soaked raisins, sweet bun;

S: here it is also rather calm, a drop of lemon, maybe peach, banana, strongly watered raisins, only after some time it gets sweeter with honey and maple syrup, a bit of white pepper, there is also dryness, the touch of wood, the taste develops with time it is worth giving him a moment;

F: rather short, a little sweet.

Score: 77.

In my opinion, in this case, there was definitely no power that would raise the scent and enhance the taste, showed the 15 years, unless someone is looking for something calm and delicate, then it is would be his choice. It is worth noting that the taste develops slightly over time, it has to be allowed to do so, it will become more complete.

luk loves whisky

The Glenburgie 15 years old The Miltonduff 15 years old

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