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The Dalmore 12 years old

The Dalmore 12 years old


The Dalmore Distillery is located just North of Inverness. Location determines the classification of the created spirits as Highlands..

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The Dalmore 12 years old bottle

The Dalmore 12 years old

The Dalmore belongs to the Whyte & Mackay, which was established in 1882. Company with extensive experience in the production of blends. In Poland, the rather unusual. Whyte & Mackay is also the owner of the Isle of Jura Distillery, located on the island of the same name, next to Islay of Islay. The activities of the group is linked to one of the most prominent figures in the world of Scotch whisky, who is Richard Paterson. Currently, I am reading his book – “Goodness Nose”, a good publication that treats about the history and development of the whisky industry in the twentieth century – I recommend it.

The Dalmore 12 years old bottle and box

The Dalmore 12 years old

Worth noting is that the company Whyte & Mackay is owned by the Indian conglomerate United Breweries Group, whose chairman is Vijay Mallaya. A man of wide interests of business, besides alcohol, such as airlines, Formula 1 team, pharmaceutical industry.

That’s enough of a little too long introduction, let’s get to The Dalmore. Whisky from this distillery is aged in bourbon and sherry casks – oloroso and amontillado. In recent years a number of very long aged distillates, even over 50 years, were launched. These editions reach a staggering prices. It is worth mentioning Dalmore Trinitas, of which three bottles were offered. Apparently, the drink consists of distillates from 1868, 1878, 1922, 1926 and 1939 that were married together in a specially prepared 9-liter American oak barrel. In 2010, the Company sold two bottles for 100 thousand pounds. Even today, for example, The Whisky Exchange is offering a 58 year old Dalmore Selene for 15,000 pounds.

Returning to Earth, today’s on blog, we have The Dalmore 12 years old.

Very nice package giving the impression of leather covered, bottle even more impressive with inlaid deer – it makes a really big impression. Of course I don’t take the visual presentation of malt to the tasting score.

The Dalmore 12 years old, jeleń, fiddich

The Dalmore 12 years old

N: very fruity, cherries and plums, rhubarb is a little deeper, there is also the smell of office glue (from the school years 80/90), plum compote – in general, in my opinion the smell is interesting but fades away quickly.

T: slightly spicy, further softens and becomes a refreshing, walnuts, reaching a heavier tones, but nothing clear, slightly fruity, raisins – at first smell tells that the taste is going to be different, the smell seems to be richer.

F: medium long.

The Dalmore 12 years old strużki spływającego alkoholu, glencarin glass

The Dalmore 12 years old

The Dalmore 12 years old is bottled with colourants, with chillfiltration and 40% ABV. In my opinion these features give negative influence for tasting. Version with natural color, un-chillfiltered and 46% ABV would influence the stability of smell, variety of taste and a decent finish. For now this is a little sterile.

Score: 80/100

Whisky - The Dalmore 12 years old, glencarin glass

The Dalmore 12 years old

Comments (4)

  1. steve

    17 November 2013 / 21:33

    Couldn’t agree more about the coloring influence here. Looking at the glass I was expecting a big sherry-bomb and lots of wood. It has neither, it’s sort of a decent if forgettable malt with some unpleasing medicinal / alcohol that’s not balanced with other flavors, dressed up in a $5,000 tuxedo.

    Love the design on your site by the way. The collection page is very slick.

    • LukLovesWhisky

      17 November 2013 / 23:11

      Thank you Steve for kind words about my site.

      Talking about The Dalmore 12 years old I would love to taste it unchillfiltered, natural colour and 46% ABV. Recently I have tasted some single casks Dalmors (during Whisky Live Paris 2013) they were really delicious.

  2. Krystian

    8 July 2014 / 19:29

    Witam bardzo pokaźna kolekcja podoba mi się, co do Whisky właśnie ją próbowałem i jestem pod nie małym wrażeniem
    zresztą zapraszam do mnie …


  3. Marian

    29 May 2016 / 17:46



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