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The Antiquary 12 years old

The Antiquary 12 years old


Happy New Year.

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(81 points)


For the first post this year I chose blended whisky, but it less recognizable. Everyone knows well the biggest on the market like Johnny Walker, Grant’s, and Ballantine’s, or even maybe Hibiki but the world does not end there. It just happens that in the glass I have The Antiquary 12 years old, 40% ABV.
The origins of the brand date back to 1888, when John & William Hardie decided to put together their blend in Edinburgh. Today The Antiquary belongs to Tomatin Distillery Co., therefore among the single malts found here, we can also expect Tomatin.

lukloveswhisky blended whisky

The Antiquary 12 years old

N: still in the bottle slightly alcoholic, but this accent quickly flies off and does not irritate, then I also have delicate citrus notes: lemon peel and maybe the touch of orange, later traditionally sweet: honey, caramel, toffee, vanilla; after being poured into a glass basically unchanged, that’s good, generally quite calm and delicate, from time to time something mineral and metallic or even earthy appears;

T: at the beginning slightly irritating and warming, as in the blends I feel the elements of grains, but on a balanced level, after this: honey, caramel and candied orange, a few drops of lemon and a young grapefruit, finally something metallic again;

F: even long, sweet with a slight citrus aftertaste.

Score: 81.

The Antiquary 12 years old is a solid blend, suitable for leisurely sipping even without dilution (with ice, water or other fluids).


The Antiquary 12 years old

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