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Talisker 57° North

Talisker 57° North


Announcement of autumn.

My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
(88 points)


Talisker has already hosted on the blog (eg. Talisker 10 years old), recently I posted a report from a visit to the distillery.
Autumn is fast approaching, so today a version corresponding to this climate. Talisker 57 ° North. This edition is no age statement (NAS), but with a high content – 57% ABV. Ageing took place in bourbon casks. 57 ° North is originated form a latitude that the distillery is located. As it turned out during the tasting, whisky clouded after adding water, so it is unchillfiltered, and perhaps natural color – though none of these parameters are listed on the label.


Talisker 57° North


Talisker 57° North


Talisker 57° North

C: gold;

N: quite fruity, plums, compote, ripe oranges, bitter oranges, gently piercing the nostrils but we have 57% ABV, a bit of smoke, peat, smoked mackerel, grilled oysters, then a little mineral and metallic, after some time sweeter accents emerge with vanilla, biscuits, maybe a little bit of honey, over the time, and after a few drops of water, I have more oranges in various forms, ripe, candied, juice etc., after yet more water and cloudiness (unchillfiltered), sour with lemon, and then honey, at the end I have some wet earth;

T: 57% ABV carries a high intensity and of course also some sparks in the mouth, a lot of plums, oranges and mandarins, I have also some peat, a touch of wood, and further biscuits, caramel, with the water, more sweetness and fruits, with ripe oranges at the helm;

F: long with traces of sweet, with orange, bitter orange and elements of oak.

Score: 88.

Very good companion for autumn weather. There is a lot to pull out by gradually adding a water and as it turned out it is unchillfiltered.


Talisker 57° North

Comments (2)

  1. OJl

    16 November 2018 / 02:02

    Come on! I think this is a little high for this whisky. I think the youth shines to much through. I found it a little harsh.

    • LukLovesWhisky

      25 November 2018 / 13:52

      What can I say? I like it, especially in the Winter environment 😉


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