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Springbank 11 years old Local Barley

Springbank 11 years old Local Barley


Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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(89 points)


Springbank, Springbank, I have not been seen you here recently, lately, I do not remember when, here was Springbank 175 12 years old, on that occasion I also wrote a few words about the distillery itself.
Springbank 11 years old Local Barley is an interesting experiment, the manufacturer wanted to limit to the local ingredients and traditional production methods. The Bere barley grew on the Kintyre Peninsula, a few kilometers from Campbeltow on the Aros Farm, then malted in the distillery. Alcohol was distilled in February 2006 and bottled with 53.1% ABV in February 2017. There were 9000 bottles.
A few days ago I tried its older brother – 16 years old version, but I didn’t make any notes. For sure it was very good. What about 11 yo? Let’s see.


Springbank 11 years old Local Barley

springbank 11

Springbank 11 years old Local Barley

local barley

Springbank 11 years old Local Barley

C: gold;

N: it begins with sweet notes broken with delicate peat – it’s still in the bottle, in the glass, first there are some elements of pepper, spices, herbs, you could say a meadow on a beautiful sunny day, gently irritates the nostrils, no doubt there is peat here, but not dominates, I have traces of dry, old wood, hay, engine oil, it is a bit mineral, then it gets a little sweeter – vanilla, honey, hard candies, then I have fruits – lychee, peach and apricot, a drop of lemon, generally pleasant and nicely balanced, despite 53.1% ABV, nostrils irritation is really delicate; after adding a few drops of water it became sweeter and another drop of lemon came in to action;

S: here I have the feeling that peat is even more noticeable, but it does not dominate like at the Islay friends, grilled seafood, salt, brine, later, the elements of sweets, mainly honey and then fruits, ripe orange and peach, maybe even a touch of strawberry; the water has highlighted the sweetness and added a touch of coffee;

F: long with elements of peat, sweet and ripe orange.

Score: 89.

Springbank 11 years old Local Barley is a very good single malt and I’m glad I presented it myself. In my opinion it is very nicely balanced, the taste corresponds to the smell. Despite 54.1% ABV I did not feel the need to add water. I did it for the experiment, overall the malt became sweeter.


Springbank 11 years old Local Barley

springbank local

Springbank 11 years old Local Barley

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