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Raasay While We Wait 3rd realese

Raasay While We Wait 3rd realese


In anticipation of their own whisky.

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(80 points)


Raasay is an island located between the Isle of Skye and the mainland of Scotland. It also happens that recently (since 2017) there is also a distillery of the same name. The work onsite is still too short to try their single malt whisky, the premiere of which is scheduled for 2020. However, the company didn’t want us to be too sad and get us used to a new player in the market, that’s why they offer a single malt distilled in another distillery under the name Raasay While We Wait. This whisky is to present the character of its future, own products. We have a natural colour, non chill filtered and bottling at 46% ABV. In the glass I have the third edition of this whisky, which is to be lightly peated and finished in Tuscan red wine casks.


Raasay While We Wait

C: honey;

N: immediately after pouring into the glass it is a little irritating, I have to give it a moment to breathe; some spices maybe…, cloves, ginger, not particularly volatile, rather calm, highland character, summer meadow, dry hay, chamomile, wildflowers, in the distance dry wood, maybe even slightly burnt and charred, with time I can feel the sweet elements, some caramel, vanilla, peach, banana, then more fruits, nectarine, dried apricot, pear in the compote, lemon peel, pleasant summer character;

T: slightly warming, dry, with elements of wood, that are my first impressions, after a while it gets sweeter with caramel and vanilla, the touch of caramelized orange, grapefruit, traces of grilled seafood, all the time the ginger is quite clear, as well as light bitterness and general the impression of a delicate wood, with time I got the touch of an espresso;

F: quite long with ginger, dry.

Score: 80.

Raasay While We Wait is a kind of surprise. I was expecting something very young and uncouth. This single malt should take a breath in a glass, after which it turns out to be calm and unobtrusive. The taste to some extent does not keep up with the smell and shows a little excess of ginger and wooden elements, but in general is an interesting proposition. I wonder about the tasting experience when Raasay really releases his single malt.


Raasay While We Wait


Raasay While We Wait

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