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Laphroaig Samaroli 1998/2013

Laphroaig Samaroli 1998/2013


Independent bottler of Islay.

My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
(88 points)


There were many whisky producers on Whisky Live Singapore 2014, including independent bottlers. On Samaroli stand I met Laphroaig distilled in 1998 and bottled in 2013, in 380 pieces. Mine is 22. Presentation as it should be: unchillfiltered, natural colour, 45% ABV. Laphroaig is one of my favourite distillieries and I decided to buy a bottle. For the rest of the holidays I went to China, Laphroaig accompanied me and I was able to get to know it pretty well.

Laphroaig Samaroli 1998/2013

Laphroaig Samaroli 1998/2013

Laphroaig Samaroli 1998/2013

Laphroaig Samaroli 1998/2013

C: light yellow, white wine;
N: sea, salt, seaweed, marine nature, resembles the coast after the storm, of course peat, fireplace, just after that sweeter notes appear, vanilla, Bebe biscuits, then I have citrus fruits, lemon, lime, orange juice, there is also smoke, after adding a drop of water more sweet, slightly peaty notes are detected, from a distance I feel the asphalt, tar and iodine;
T: starts warming, ginger appears and persists, peat, also fruits come to action, grapefruit, orange, between them I feel sweet tones like biscuits, with the time sweetness is getting stronger, especially after the addition of water;
F: long with orange, grapefruit and traces of ginger with peat.

Score: 88.

Very nice whisky, though the price is way too high for 15 years and 45%. Do not exaggerate here with water, the 45% appears to be here the minimum.

Laphroaig Samaroli 1998/2013

Laphroaig Samaroli 1998/2013

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