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Laphroaig 14 years old Douglas Laing’s Old Particular

Laphroaig 14 years old Douglas Laing’s Old Particular


Laphroaig from Douglas Laing.

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(92 points)


It’s been a long time since we had here Laphroaig ;), recently it appeared on the blog in August – it was 10 years old from 70s. Therefore, it is time for the next one. Today also quite unusual, because of independent bottler – Douglas Laing from a series of Old Particular. It was released to celebrate the Feis Ile 2015. Distillation in February 2001, bottling in February 2015. Single cask – refill butt – a total of 636 bottles with 48.4% ABV. Of course, natural color and no chill filtration. I bought this bottle while my last visit to Islay in the capital city of Bowmore.
Douglas Laing is an interesting independent bottler, while Whisky Live Warsaw in 2015 I participated in their Masterclass, I have very fond memories form that event, then I tasted Laphroaig 25 years old. On the blog there is Laphroaig 1998/2013 from another independent bottler – Samaroli.
I’m very curious what this bottle hides, therefore, let’s get to work.


Laphroaig 14 years old Douglas Laing’s Old Particular


Laphroaig 14 years old Douglas Laing’s Old Particular

C: light amber;

N: after opening the bottle I immediately get a great mix of peat, ash and sweetness, after pouring into a glass it became mineral, with wet soil, peat, asphalt, bandages, fishing nets, smoked fish, grilled oysters, marine, salty air, after this first waves fruits begin to emerge: orange and its peel, candied orange, plum, raisins, peach and apricot, from time to time there is a bit of lemon and perhaps even a mint, I still have a touch of dark chocolate and cocoa; all of that is here all the time and interweaves;

T: wuuhhaa !!! This is Islay, immediately spreads throughout the mouth, the taste is rich and multi-dimensional, peat is obvious, grilled seafood and fish, ash, after a while there is also a light warming up, further ripe orange, grapefruit, peach and traces of plums, after moment I have a touch of chocolate and coffee;

F: very long with grapefruit, orange, elements of ash and peat.

Score: 92

Laphroaig 14 years old Douglas Laing’s Old Particular in any case did not disappoint. Generally it can be easily tasted without water, but from curiosity I added a few drops. The smell got enhanced by bandages and other medical accents. Taste smoothed, and sweetness highlighted, also a little bitterness came out.
This Laphroaig fits me in every way, versatile and balanced. Beautiful!


Laphroaig 14 years old Douglas Laing’s Old Particular

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