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Jura Tastival 1997/2015, 52% ABV

Jura Tastival 1997/2015, 52% ABV


Whisky Festival 2015 Exclusive.

My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
(90 points)


I have tried single malts matured in many different barrels, after Bourbon of course, sherry, port, madeira, other wines and beer too. I did not drink whisky aged in sparkling wine casks. So it’s time for a new sensations or maybe it will not make much difference? Interesting … During a visit to a distillery on the Isle of Jura, Jura Tastival hit my eyes, specially released for the festival in 2015, distilled in 1997 and bottled with 52% ABV. Above that natural color and non-chill filtered. The total no. of bottles 3970, mine is 1136. Whisky was matured in sparkling wine casks – Bouvet Ladubay from the Loire Valley.

isle of jura

Jura Tastival 1997/2015, 52% ABV


Jura Tastival 1997/2015, 52% ABV


C: deep amber;

N: mainly herbs and fruits, plenty of ripe oranges, also candied, ripe peach, dried apricot, banana, lychee, then immediately mint, lemon balm, chamomile, cardamom and traces of ginger, after a moment it got sweter with toffee and caramel; with a few drops of water it become a little bit mineral and metallic, but after a while I also got grapes;

T: quite sweet with sparks on the tongue, butter cookies, fudge, candy, traces of ginger and light wood, after a while more fruits appear: ripe oranges, candied orange, orange peel, peach, it started to be a little dry; the water produced a similar effect as in the smell, I also got a cardamom;

F: quite long with ripe orange, dry.

Score: 90.

Jura Tastival 1997/2015, 52% ABV has a very nice and unusual smell, I think here mostly about herbs, which I don’t find in whisky very often. The taste is also very good but more typical. In fact, I had no problem in tasting it without any dilution, out of curiosity, I added a drop or two of water. It is probably the power of the suggestion, but I began to feel the grapes here 😉 Generally this Jura is delicious. If I did not know, I certainly would not guess it was matured in sparkling wine casks.

jura, festival,

Jura Tastival 1997/2015, 52% ABV

jura, lukloveswhisky

Jura Tastival 1997/2015, 52% ABV


Jura Tastival 1997/2015, 52% ABV

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