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Jura Origin 10 years old

Jura Origin 10 years old


Isle of Jura representative.

My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
(80 points)


During last Easter holidays Jura Origin 10 years old felt into my hands. There aren’t a lot of editions of this single malt from a beautiful Isle of Jura. Previously I described The Isle of Jura 1995 Boutique Barrels Bourbon JO Cask finish – naturally presented – the color, power, and no chillfiltration. Today, something more commonly available – Jura Origin 10 years old, bottled at 40% ABV.


Jura Origin 10 years old

Tasting impressions:

N: very gentle and calm, citrus, a touch of orange, peach, maybe also mango, vanilla and a touch of ginger, a little grass, hay and some cooked vegetables;

T: here I have a little orange too, but also traces of wood, malt, and then there is a touch of ginger, some bitterness is starting;

F: long, fairly dry, with a slight bitterness.

Score: 80.

Jura Origin 10 years old surprised me with its gentle and calm character. There are no fireworks or anything overwhelming. Single malt, which should also correspond to beginners, partly it is probably a “merit” of 40% ABV.


Jura Origin 10 years old

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