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Jura 16 years old Diurachs’ Own

Jura 16 years old Diurachs’ Own


Classic from Isle of Jura.

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(80 points)


Recently I described a visit to the beautiful Isle of Jura, earlier on the blog appeared The Isle of Jura 1995 Boutique Barrels Bourbon JO Cask Finish, and Jura Origin 10 years old, but basically I should start with Jura 16 years old Diurachs’ Own, as it is the whisky, I’ve started my adventure with this distillery.


Jura 16 years old Diurachs’ Own

We’ve got 16 years and 40% ABV, chillfiltration and coloring. Besides the legitimate age, the so-called presentation is rather standard. It remains to count on these 16 years, looking at the label, let’s see if it is enough.


Jura 16 years old Diurachs’ Own

N: not too intense, but rather very quiet at first sniffing, deeper fruits are hiding, peaches in syrup, ripe cherries, apricots and soaked raisins, delicate traces of caramel and wood, maybe also a pinch of pepper, from time to time, there is also something metallic;

T: I have here some fruits: plums, apricots, maybe candied cherries, vanilla, something slightly sour, a little salty and further traces of wood, over time a delicate bitterness develops, everything remains somewhat hidden;

F: medium length with traces of fruit and a far touch of ginger.

Score: 80.

Jura 16 years old Diurachs’ Own is an interesting proposal, but loses a lot by the fact that it is diluted to a minimum level of ABV. Smell and taste definitely would gain in intensity, here I feel that whisky would like to show its advantages, but it lacks a suitable carrier.


Jura 16 years old Diurachs’ Own

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