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Jim Beam Double Oak Twice Barreled

Jim Beam Double Oak Twice Barreled


Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
(80 points)


In almost every shop we can meet the basic version of Jim Beam, let’s call it classic. Jim Beam 6 years old – Triple Aged appeared less frequently and now we have a new one to the collection – Jim Beam Double Oak Twice barreled, 43% ABV. What in this case double oak or twice barreled mean? The point is that the distillate is poured into fresh charred barrels made of American white oak, and then after some time of maturation is again poured into fresh charred barrels made of American white oak. Just like the classic Jim Beam would be poured again into fresh barrels for some time of mataration.


Jim Beam Double Oak Twice Barreled

What such an operation has given us, let’s see:

C: deep amber;

N: here can be no doubt that we are dealing with bourbon, very sweet, layers of vanilla, toffee and caramel, coconut, but also raisins and milk chocolate, after a while, here is also something sharper, like a little bit of chili and distant traces of burnt wood;

T: sweet, vanilla, toffee and caramel with the addition of something smoky or smoked and a pinch of chili, over the time it gets quite dry, a trace of grapefruit and maybe a little bit of candied orange appears here too;

F: medium length, still sweet passes to dry.

Score: 80.

Jim Beam Double Oak Twice Barreled is a nice bourbon for a relaxing sipping. Quite typical for a species single direction – ie. toward the sweet notes is here spiced with a hint of chili, which gives the drink the character.


Jim Beam Double Oak Twice Barreled

Comments (2)

  1. Error

    7 March 2017 / 14:20

    Bardzo lubię wersję Devil’s Cut, po tej notce stwierdziłem, że muszę spróbować i tej.

    • LukLovesWhisky

      21 March 2017 / 20:18

      I jak wrażenia porównawcze?


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