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J.A. Baczewski Whisky

J.A. Baczewski Whisky


According to pre-war recipe.

My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
(66 points)


We all know how in recent years whisky is gaining popularity. It is produced, in various types, by more and more companies and countries. Recently there were some talks about another “Polish” (yes, I have heard that voices) whisky – J.A. Baczewski Whisky. However, it is not a Polish product but Austrian one. Probably for an uninitiated consumer (or simply not reading labels) the name may be associated with Poland. Anyway, that’s right in some way, but it’s a history. I’m not going to get into it now. There are a lot of available sources about that. I’m interested in the content of the bottle. What are we dealing with? In essence, it is a typical blend, a mixture of various malts and grain whiskies, matured in white American oak barrles, bottled with 43% ABV. Let’s see how it tastes.

N: sweet and alcoholic, it has started like this, stayed and ended, I could possibly finish the description in this moment, but I must try to get some more; what else?; honey touch, maybe vanilla and traces of ginger, generally not intense and flat;

T: also here first of all alcoholic and warming up, after that you can try to distinguish cereal graininess, ginger, quince, something metallic, occasionally sweet;

F: short and dry.

Score: 66.

Baczewski Whisky in my opinion is quite close to the classical blends like Johnnie Walker Red Label or Ballantine’s Finest. For drinking without tasting aspirations, on ice or in drinks. Only it is more expensive, which will certainly make it difficult to achieve similar fame. On the other hand, it’s something new and refreshing in the segment if it is going to stay longer.


J. A. Baczewski Whisky


J. A. Baczewski Whisky

1 komentarz

  1. Marcin

    15 May 2017 / 14:47

    Jedna z najsłabszych whisky jakie do tej pory próbowałem. Wręcz nieprzyjemna. Zaczęliśmy ze znojomymi degustację właśnie od J.A. Baczewski, ale nie daliśmy rady dopić 40ml i prześliśmy do kolejnych już dużo przyjemniejszych. Fenomen marki jest dla mnie zupełnie nie zrozumiały, tak samo jak ceny.


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