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Highland Park 1998/2010

Highland Park 1998/2010


Foretaste of trip to Orkney.

My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
(80 points)


Next week I’m going to Scotland, this time targeting Orkney Islands, home of Highland Park and Scapa. For this reason, I worried that I haven’t described any Highland Park yet. So I decided to devote the nearest tasting to whisky from this distillery. Yesterday I reminded myself that Higland Park is already present on the blog, it is single cask, cask strength edition from the SMWS. I enjoyed that release and gave it 93 points (you can find a post about that SMWS HP at this link).
There is another distillery on the Orkney Islands, it is Scapa. Now you can meet its 14 and 16 year old issues. Here, I wrote about the elderly bottling from the 90s.
Highland Park is one of the oldest operating distillery in Scotland. Officially, production started in 1798, although earlier illegal distillation took there place.
My single malt is 1998 vintage, bottled in 2010, 40% ABV.


Highland Park 1998


Highland Park 1998

N: sweet, honey, at once there is also something sour and vegetable, fruit compote with rhubarb, mint, generally quite light and gentle, after a moment and in a distance I sense a bit of smoke, also hay appears,

T: here it is also sweet, vanilla, toffi, cake with cherries, and further a peat reveals – quite delicate, certainly not such as from Islay, some apples, a little bitterness,

F: medium long, dry, with traces of peat and honey.

Score: 80.


Highland Park 1998

Highland Park 1998 is a calm single malt. The nose is delicate and elegant, the flavor lacks a little of strength and diversity. I wouldn’t be myself if I wouldn’t blame for this situation the reduction to 40% ABV and chillfiltration. On the other hand, it is a good whisky for those who begin the adventure with single malts.


Highland Park 1998

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