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Hellyers Road Peated

Hellyers Road Peated


Single malt z Tasmanii.

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(84 points)


Today I decided to reach for purchase that some time ago I made in Australia. Yes, yes … by the way of posts about Lark (Lark Whisky, Lark Bar) or Nant, I mentioned that on that continent, single malt whisky is also made. Their greatest concentration is in Tasmania and also Hellyers Road Peated comes from there. I remember that, in general stores eg. in Sydney were not full of single malts. Rather, I would say that I met them quite rare. At this bottle I came across by chance, in the shopping center and it was available in one piece only. I don’t have too much information about it. It is of course single malt, NAS (no age statement), 46.2% ABV. Local barley were used for production. I do not know if it unchillfiltered or coloured, although the color is bright, straw, so it may be natural.


Hellyers Road Peated

The distillery name comes from the Henry Hellyer, who was one of the first Europeans inhabiting the north western reaches of Tasmania and participated in the construction of the road to the interior of the island – Hellyers Road. When I hold the bottle in my hand at once I have a reminiscent of my vacation. I wonder if whisky tastes as nicely?


Hellyers Road Peated


Hellyers Road Peated

N: briefly and only at the very beginning it is sweet: toffee, vanilla and caramel, but almost immediately we have peat and smoke, further wet earth and a little fruits mainly oranges, grapefruits – nice, after some time, peaty character intensifies, smoked fish, something like motor oil comes in; after addition of water for just a moment it became very fresh and even slightly floral;

T: slightly warming and sparkling in the mouth, reveals a relatively young nature of whisky, but that’s not all … we have a grapefruit, ginger, bitterings, smoked fish and ash, earl gray tea; after adding water a little sour;

F: even long with traces of grapefruit and a hint of bitterness, but also persisting tones of peat.

Score: 84.

As for a young NAS whisky really good. I was afraid that Hellyers Road Peated will be too young and an alcoholic, probably that’s why I haven’t opened it for a long time after the purchase. I am pleasantly surprised. This is further proof that good whisky doesn’t have to come from Scotland.


Hellyers Road Peated

Comments (2)

  1. Stefan

    16 October 2014 / 16:57

    Bardzo fajnie czyta się Twojego bloga. Oby tak dalej 😉

    ps Tylko jakiś taki poważny jesteś na tym zdjęciu (tym ze strony głównej), a przecież whisky to sama radość 🙂

    • LukLovesWhisky

      16 October 2014 / 17:23

      Dzięki za miłe słowa.
      Co do zdjęcia to już od jakiegoś czasu chcę je zmienić, ale albo o tym zapominam, albo nie mam czasu… 😉
      Zgadam się całkowicie whisky to sama radość i dobra zabawa.
      Trzymaj się!


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