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Grant’s 18 years old

Grant’s 18 years old


Dojrzały blend.

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(84 points)


Today I came across by a desire for blended whisky, not on standard, widely available release, but for something less common. I started rummaging in the closet, I knew that something must be there. I waded through the malts and finally found Grant’s 18 years old. I have tasted 12 year old version, but 18 not yet. I do not need to remind anyone that the brand is part of the William Grant & Sons. The family company, or basically a family corporation I should say, their hands focus many brands, it is enough to mention the Glenfiddich or Balvenie.

First of all, attention is paid to the nice, hard box and inside a solid, traditional triangular bottle. The whole visually makes a very good impression. And what about a liquor? We have 18 years, so the age is right and 40% ABV, this is not so exiting but I don’t have to whine so much. Let’s give a chnace to the spirit.


Grant’s 18 years old


Grant’s 18 years old

After uncorking:

N: first, still in the bottle it is very fruity, after pouring into a glass: sweet, honey, caramel, toffee, fudge, vanilla, a lot of these sweet notes, they persist for quite some time and are clear, after a while fruits come to the voice, as a result we have fruit cake, candied cherries and oranges, plum, also in chocolate, the dark chocolate is getting more evident, I also have some raisins, something like rum, yes, that’s rum, distant traces of smoke; the aroma is very pleasant;

S: remains very sweet, above all I have a vanilla with a honey, fudge, this is still fruity with ripe orange, apricot and peach, fruit cake, fruit compote, here and there I have a touch of prunes in chocolate, a slight tingling and traces wood;

F: medium length to long with ripe fruits, slightly dry.

Score: 84.

Grant’s 18 years old is a very good blended whisky. Pleasant nose, without any irritating tones and taste beautifully coinciding with the aroma. In my opinion, Grant’s 18 years old keeps high level. I will always gladly come back to it.


Grant’s 18 years old

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