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Glenfiddich Rich Oak

Glenfiddich Rich Oak


40% ABV, 14 years old.

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(82 points)


About a few Glenfiddich’s I wrote on my blog. Eg. Snow Phoenix, Age of Discovery 19 years old Red Wine Cask Finish. There are a lot of them still to write. I also had the opportunity to visit the distillery and I have good memories.

Today I decided to reach for the Rich Oak, which I bought about three or four years ago at the airport, a liter bottle. At first glance, it seems that it is NAS (no age statement), but more detailed analysis of the label shows 14 years. In addiction finished in new American and Spanish casks. The application of new casks for aging whisky is recently often used method. Unfortunately, only 40% ABV, perhaps caramel coloring and chillfiltration.

Glenfiddich Rich Oak

Glenfiddich Rich Oak

Glenfiddich Rich Oak

Glenfiddich Rich Oak

N: at the beginning very pleasant, fresh, floral, fruity; ripe pineapple, further creamy vanilla, delicate hint of rhubarb, a touch of oak and even figs and dates – initial aromas evaporate relatively quickly, in return appears more fresh wood, wood-chips, toffee, caramel, vanilla and apple appears,

T: significant influence of wood, oak spicyness, ginger, ripe red fruits leading to bitterness, chocolate, cocoa, figs, a little of peach and nectarine, sweet with cooked apples, bitterness steadily increases,

F: medium long with bitterness and a slight sparking.

Score: 82.

An interesting experiment with different types of casks. I would like to try this whisky with 46% ABV and unchillfiltered. I think that the original aroma would then be more durable and finsh longer. I didn’t pour any water.

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