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GlenDronach 2003/2016 13 years old

GlenDronach 2003/2016 13 years old


Oloroso Sherry Puncheon.

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(88 points)


GlenDronach Distilery is experiencing a renaissance and is famous for whisky aged in sherry casks. Something like Macallan a few decades ago. Today I have a single cask, distilled August 1, 2003, bottled in August 2016, so we have 13 years. Single malt matured in Oloroso Sherry Puncheon, cask No. 5480, a total of 687 bottles was created. Of course, natural color, unchillfiltered, cask strength 54.6% ABV. In fact, I could drink only single casks, that’s a charm of natural presentation.
This edition was bottled for Polish distributor of Glendronach M & P.
Other malts described on the blog from this distillery include GlenDronach 2002, 10 years old for Whisky Live Tokyo 2013, GlenDronach 1994/2015 lub też GlenDronach 1994/2014 – all in natural presentation.


GlenDronach 2003/2016 13 years old Single Cask


GlenDronach 2003/2016 13 years old Single Cask


GlenDronach 2003/2016 13 years old Single Cask

What we have in the glass:

C: deep, intense amber;

N: at a very beginning lightly alcoholic, but then gets sweet, raisins, dates, figs, candied cherries, with a little time even sweeter, aroma of baking cakes, Christmas cake, filling in candy – Kukułka, after a few moments evaporates and becomes less intense, then there is still the interior of the old cabinets, old leather couch, at the end I have traces of vegetable broth and something soury, a drop of water smoothed a smell, cut edges, made it even sweeter with plums in chocolate, old, dusty leather couches, wood polish, wood lacquer;

T: I have the power!, oily, even syrupy, it is spreading rapidly in the mouth, heats, gives the taste of a large number of plums, prunes, figs and dates, grapefruit, sherry, and then raisins, after that it calms down and leaves me with caramel, toffee and vanilla, at the end it is slightly dry with increasing bitterness and maybe a drop of lemon;

F: quite long with red ripe fruits, slightly dry.

Score: 88.

In the smell, the very beginning is calm, slightly alcoholic, then explodes with fruits, only to return to a more peaceful and balanced level. It is similar in the flavor: fire, lots of fruits and back to the elements of dry with bitterness.
GlenDronach as usual does not disappoint, a huge plus for natural presentation of single cask.


GlenDronach 2003/2016 13 years old Single Cask


GlenDronach 2003/2016 13 years old Single Cask

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