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Deanston 12 years old

Deanston 12 years old


from distillery that used to be a mill.

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Deanston Distillery is located in Higlands, in Doune, near Stirling with its impressive castle. Buildings were built in 1785 and served as a cotton mill. Then in the 60’s of the twentieth century it was converted into a distillery, which operates to this day. The company is owned by Burn Stewart Distillers Ltd, which has in its portfolio also Bunnahabhain Distillery on the Isle of Islay and Tobermory Distillery on the Isle of Mull. Water from the river of Teith is used for the production. Actually produced whiskies are non chillfiltered and it seems that also the colour is natural. Ian Macmillan is the Master Distiller.

Deanston 12 years old

Deanston 12 years old

My new roommate is Deanston 12 years old. Unchillfiltered, natural colour and 46,3% ABV. Exactly as I like.

Deanston 12 years old

Deanston 12 years old

Deanston 12 years old

Deanston 12 years old

C: gold,

N: from the beginning fresh plum and pear, further mainly honey, vanilla, caramel and toffee, after addition of water: first slightly metallic then there is a little strengthening of previous aromas,

T: develops quite calmly, I find young plum and a bit of apple, sweet with vanilla, biscuits and delicate tones of oak, after adding water it becomes somewhat sweeter,

F: medium long with a slight bitterness.

Score: 82.

Pleasant single malt for everyday sipping, not particularly extensive and complicated. As for me, water is not necessary.

Deanston 12 years old

Deanston 12 years old

Comments (2)

  1. Miano

    30 December 2013 / 20:06

    Bardzo dobra whisky, miałęm okazję być na degustacji organizowanej przez dystrybutora na Polskę firmę MV Poland. Oprócz tego podawali również Bunahabhain. Deanston okazał się naprawdę niezły. Do tego cena za jaką można kupić tego 12 letniego Malta i w dodatku procenty jakie posiada sprawiają, że jest ciekawą opcją na sobotni weekend przy szklaneczce whisky.

    • LukLovesWhisky

      1 January 2014 / 20:12

      To co zdecydowanie pozytywnie wyróżnia Deanstona w danej kategorii cenowej to naturalny kolor, brak filtracji na chłodno i 46,3% ABV. Oby więcej takich single maltów.


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