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Bowmore 15 years old Mariner

Bowmore 15 years old Mariner


Edition for Travel Retail.

My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
(84 points)


Continuing the mini-series of Bowmore, without unnecessary descriptions lets move on to the Bowmore 15 years old Mariner. It is worth to write about it as Bowmore is introducing new editions for the Travel Retail, so Enigma and Mariner will be replaced.

Bowmore 15 years old Mariner

Bowmore 15 years old Mariner

N: sea ​​salt, sea air, light peat, seaweed and fishing nets, with a time sweeter notes are breaking through, a bit of caramel, toffee, further I find young apple,

T: here we have more peat interlaver with ash, there are also a little fruits shyly coming out, green apples, grapefruit and orange, whisky is quite peppery, salty with notes on bitterness and dry,

F: long with ash, peat and bitterness.

Score: 84.

Bowmore 15 years old Mariner is different from the commonly available 15 years old Darkest. It is less sweet and complex, but much more maritime, especially in the smell. The real Mariner. This time I finished tasting with smoked seriolella, it composed beautifully with whisky.

Bowmore 15 years old Mariner

Bowmore 15 years old Mariner

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