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Bowmore 10 years old Tempest Batch V

Bowmore 10 years old Tempest Batch V


To shop for shoes, and return with whisky..

My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
(89 points)


We already have an autumn, so I went to the stores to get the right shoes. I do not like walking around the shops, so I bought the shoes quickly. On the way out I came across a whisky shop, there I spent much more time. Bowmore 10 years old Tempest Batch V looked at me with “puppy eyes”, so I had to take it home.
What have we got here? 10 years old, first fill Bourbon barrels, non chillfiltered, natural colour and cask strength, or rather batch strength – 55,9% ABV.


Bowmore 10 years old Tempest Batch V

bowmore tempest

Bowmore 10 years old Tempest Batch V

C: light amber;

N: begins with intense citrus, including orange, tangerine, then a good dose of vanilla, further we remain with the fruits like peach and ripe pear, only now the alcohol vapors and begin to irritate the nose slightly, there is also a sustainable peat and smoke, quite sweet, more citrus with the addition of water, also fireplace and grilled seafood;

T: here I have peat immediately and on demand, it is accompanied by sparks on the tongue with a touch of bitterness, and then lemon peel, lime and orange, there are also the ashes and ginger, the addition of water gives more sweet, vanilla and toffee;

F: long with ginger, bitterness, orange juice and lemon peel.

Score: 89.

My previous Bowmore 10 years old Tempest is Batch 3. At first glance, a shade lighter. Batch V has more citrus and less sweets. The differences between the two editions can be felt, but decent character is preserved. I like both of them. It seems to me that the Batch V has more depth. In the Batch 3 peat flavor dominates, but in the V fruits come to the voice.
Tempest is my favorite version of Bowmore, Batch V is even richer and more complex, so gets an additional point.

bowmore tempest

Bowmore 10 years old Tempest Batch 3 & V

bowmore tempest

Bowmore 10 years old Tempest Batch 3 & V

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