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Bowmore 10 years old Dark & Intense, 40% ABV

Bowmore 10 years old Dark & Intense, 40% ABV


Sherry casks and peat.

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I was going to to place this post in April, because the bottle of Bowmore 10 years old Dark & Intense, 40% ABV, I bought back then while a visit to Kyto, Japan. I came across it accidentally, in fact I accidentally came across a whisky store that was next to the sushi bar, which was the purpose of my visit to that part of the city. In the store, the choice was quite wide and decent, the prices did not seem excessive either. I think it was cheaper than in my country. After deeper exploration of the shelves, I decided to take Bowmore 10 years old Dark & Intense, bottled at 40% ABV. I have never tried this release before, which is a mixture of sherry and peat that I will not pass indifferently, hmm …, as you could have expected, I have it on the shelf now.

According to the label, whisky has to be Dark and Intense, which should owe its maturation in oak barrels after sherry.

To the battle!!!

C: very nice deep amber, except that it’s an E-150a, so you do not have to get too excited 😉

N: indeed, sherry can be felt from the very beginning, but at once we fall into the arms of smoke and peat, which are not casted here as the first violin, in general, all these tones are complementary, with time everything gets more specific, except that somehow it is not very intense, I mean I have cherries, dried apricots, some dark chocolate and maybe raisins, then again traces of smoke and grilled seafood, everything is nicely connected and pleasant, but it does not overwhelm the senses;

T: the taste is pleasantly meaty and oily, except that the rest is similar to the smell, elements of sherry are intertwined with peat, accompanied by sparks on the tongue, but the peat is more pronounced here, right after I get grilled oysters, shadow of smoked fish, later it is sweet with honey, the plum with a cherry and chocolate crumbs come it to play, with the time I get more dark chocolate and again red ripe fruit, then ginger begins to grow in strength;

F: even long with traces of fruit and a large dose of ginger, slightly dry.

Score: 84.

Very nice malt, showing an interesting marriage of sherry and peat. Although in my opinion, to define it Intense we should have some more power, it is not particularly as Dark either, I assume that these terms would be more adequate at 46% ABV. On the other hand, there is nothing to complain about, this whisky is ready to sip without any dilution. Slainte!!!

bowmore islay

Bowmore 10 years old Dark & Intense

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