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Ben Nevis 12 years old

Ben Nevis 12 years old


Single malt from independent bottler.

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Ian Macleod is an independant bottler. Simplifying the business is to purchase barrels of distillate from specific distillery, and then selecting the appropriate time due to the aging process, pouring into the bottles, and offering the consumer. Presentation of single malts by independent bottlers is commendable, because usually there is a natural color, un-chillfiltered and alcohol of 46% ABV.

Ben Nevis 12 years old bottle and box Ian Macleod Chieftain's

Ben Nevis 12 years old

So it is in the case of today’s guest, offered by Ian Macleod Chieftaint’s brand. And this guy is Ben Nevis 12 years old.

Ben Nevis 12 years old from Ian Macleod

Ben Nevis 12 years old from Ian Macleod

Distillery’s name comes from the location near the highest peak in Scotland and throughout the British Isles – Ben Nevis – 1,344 m above sea level. Ben Nevis Distillery in 1989 was acquired by Nikka Whisky Distilling Co. Ltd., a manufacturer of whisky from Japan, the owner of the Yoichi and Miyagikyo Distillery.

Chieftaint’s Ben Nevis 12 years old is bottled in its natural form, without the addition of colorants, un-chillfiltered and 46% ABV. Leaving in that form promises better tasting experience.

Ben Nevis 12 years old from Ian Macleod

Ben Nevis 12 years old from Ian Macleod

Single malt was matured in a hogshead cask no. 239, 241/242. Distillation took place in May 1999 and bottling in April 2012, so almost 13 years in the barrel. A total of 1122 bottles was created. I like to read this kind of information about whisky, it gets me closer to the malt and lets delve into its history – another advantage of independent bottlings.

12 years, hogshead, nr 239, 241/242

12 years, hogshead, nr 239, 241/242

unchill-filtered, natural colour

unchill-filtered, natural colour

C: Pale straw, I added this category in the description, with no impact on the assessment, because we are dealing with a natural color, made exclusively from the interaction of a barrel to distillate.

N: intense vanilla, fruits – plums like, a bit of oak.

T: sweet, a little peat, then sharp passing in oak, a little bitter, but at an acceptable level.

F: medium length, with hints of wood.

Very good whisky, natural bottling didn’t let down.

Score: 84/100

Ben Nevis 12 years old

Ben Nevis 12 years old

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