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Tasting in Yamazaki Distillery

Tasting in Yamazaki Distillery


After visting, tasting..

Testing / Tasting Travel


Previously I presented a photo report of Yamazaki Distillery visit. As it happens in decent distilleries, on site you can make tasting. Usually only basic single malt releases are available. In Yamazaki it was a lot more interesting.
While the distillery tour, of course, we were offered Yamazaki NAS and Hakushu NAS – given in popular in Japan way, ie. with plenty of ice or for “tough guys” without dilution. Hesitantly, but I decided to let go my purism and check the ice version. Very tasty, refreshing, great for the summer.

Yamazaki Distillery

Yamazaki Distillery

After this gentle warm-up, we went to another room, where for a relatively small fee we could try malts available only at the distillery. Interestingly you could taste whisky also outside of Suntory company.

Yamazaki Distillery

Yamazaki Distillery

Yamazaki Distillery

Yamazaki Distillery

First off I started with Yamazaki 1986 single cask, cask strength 58% ABV.

C: black tea,

N: rum Ritters Sports chocolate, rum, quite interesting, because it is sherry cask, but I sense quite some rum here, raisins, milk chocolate with raisins, very intense, star anise, cloves, with the addition of water it gets herbal;

T: well fills the the mouth, an explosion of fruits, slightly warming, a little bitterness, despite the 58% ABV it tastes calmly, with time and after a drop of water even smoothes and becomes a little liqueurish;

F: long with notes of bitterness, chocolate and prunes.

Score: approx. 90.

Yamazaki Distillery

Yamazaki Distillery

Next was Yamazaki Limited Distillery Edition. Anyway, I bought on site a whole bottle. This is a NAS (no age statement), the contents was matured in sherry and port casks, the ingredients are supposed to be up to 20 years.

C: amber;

N: sweet, biscuity, Christmas cake, notes of hard candy, typically Japanese, nice, gentle and pleasant;

T: calm, hard candy, with delicate sour notes, ripe oranges, Wedel’s chocolate barrels with liqueur – I think there are still on sale, so a lot of chocolate, gently sparks on the tongue;

F: quite long with notes of chocolate.

Score: approx. 86/87.

One day I’ll have to do an experiment and see how this single malt tastes at home.

Yamazaki Distillery

Yamazaki Distillery

Next, I had to try something very Japanese. I opted for a Yamazaki Mizunara (Japanese oak) single cask, cask strength 55% ABV. This single cask is one of the components for Hibiki 17 years old.

C: amber,

N: dried fruits, raisins, figs, dried pear, generally dried fruits compote, Christmas cake;

T: warming, grapefruits, oranges, orange peel, with time it becomes more and more sweet, I get also biscuits;

F: long with grapefruit and orange.

Score: approx. 88/89.

Yamazaki Distillery

Yamazaki Distillery

On the way back I left myself peaty single cask, a component for Hakushu 12 years old, 50% ABV.

C: white wine;

N: peat and smoke, ash and fireplace, traces of apples and pears, but most of all hospital and dentist;

T: strongly warms and sparks on the tongue, ash, a few drops of lemon juice, lemon peel, grapefruit;

F: long, constantly sparks on the tongue with lemon peel.

Score: approx. 85.

This whisky is a bit uncouth, especially after trying out the others.

Yamazaki Distillery

Yamazaki Distillery

This was successful tasting, I am pleased especially with the possibility of trying single casks available only on-site, components of the official Suntory whisky releases.

Yamazaki Distillery

Yamazaki Distillery

Comments (2)

  1. David Goldsmith

    21 December 2014 / 16:32

    Great blog. I went there in June 2014. Never seen a Museum with do many whisky exhibits before. Great place and great drams.

    • LukLovesWhisky

      21 December 2014 / 17:47

      Thank you David. I really liked visiting Yamazaki distillery. Whisky Museum was quite impressive. Have a good day.


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