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Isle of Islay – part III Bowmore Distillery

Isle of Islay – part III Bowmore Distillery


While on Islay, there were some visits in other distilleries..



It would be difficult to avoid Bowmore Distillery, which is now owned by a Japanese tycoon Suntory.

Bowmore Distillery, Scotland, Japan, Suntory

Bowmore Distillery

In Bowmore as in Laphroaig part of barley is still malted in place, hence the use of the so-called malting floors. Seed should be spread evenly over the floor, regularly mix to provide oxygen and maintain a relatively controlled atmospheric conditions.

Barley on the malting floor, Bowmore Distillery

Barley on the malting floor

maturing barley needs to be mix regularly to help oxygen reaching, Bowmore Distillery

I also had the opportunity to mix

This process must be kept for a few days from 5 to 7 (varies depending on time of year and weather conditions), so that barley can sprout respectively.

The barley must lie a little more, Bowmore Distillery

The barley must lie a little more

There are four stills working in Bowmore Distillery.

Bowmore Distillery - pot stills

Bowmore Distillery, three of four pot stills

The distillery is beautifully situated on the shores of a long bay. The tasting bar is equipped with tall windows overlooking the sea and the other side of the bay, where you can find the Bruichladdich Distillery.

Bowmore Distillery on the banks of the bay

Bowmore Distillery on the banks of the bay – the weather was also fine

Bowmore 15 years old goes well with the dark chocolate, on the other side of the bay Bruichladdich Distillery, Bowmore Distillery

Bowmore 15 years old goes well with the dark chocolate

Bowmore Distillery, bay, Islay of Islay

Bowmore Distillery


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