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The Glenlivet Cipher

The Glenlivet Cipher


Mysterious malt.

Testing / Tasting
(80 points)


A few days ago I got a sample of The Glenlivet Cipher. The assumption is a mysterious malt, of which the consumer has little to know and should independently explore the whisky, without any suggestions from the manufacturer. You need to find your own cipher.


The Glenlivet Cipher

We know it’s The Glenlivet and bottled with the power of 48% ABV. We do not know the rest, eg. age (NAS – no age statement), but today it’s nothing new anyway, we do not know in what kind of barrels whisky was matured, color, although this is quite a secondary importance, also remains a mystery, the bottle is black, but there is no information about the natural color or chill filtration. On the other hand, there are many other single malts similary presented, that would mean we live in mysterious times … 😉
What may pay attention is the recognition that The Glenlivet Cipher gained in the eyes of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2017 – Best Single Malt Scotch Whisky.


The Glenlivet Cipher

I can not wait to discover the secret. Let’s get to work.

C: light gold;

N: first impression, still in a bottle, positive I sense something like rum, yeast, malt, elements of light beer in a glass quite different, at the beginning rather sharp and peppery, emerging vanilla with caramel, with the next breath still irritates the nostrils, then traces of peach, dried apricots, as well as some oranges and tangerines from time to time I have here mineral notes, after adding water, more mineral and metallic, this has also highlighted a little sweet elements, eg. hard candy, classic Haribo;

S: a lot of tingling on the tongue, traces of wood, ginger, with time I also have some fruits, orange, peach, apple and grapefruit, with the addition of water a little mineral with a higher dose of wood and ginger, but nothing special happened, the taste became drier;

F: medium long with ginger.

Score: 80.

The Glenlivet Cipher … the secret discovered … I think this is pretty young whisky, as a result of irritation in the nostrils and tingling on the tongue. This could be finished in a brand new casks or ex-wine barrels, which would indicate the presence of a large dose of ginger. Just my free thoughts. Cheers!


The Glenlivet Cipher

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