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St Magdalene 1982/2013 Gordon & MacPhail Rare Old

St Magdalene 1982/2013 Gordon & MacPhail Rare Old


Closed distillery from Lowlands.

Testing / Tasting
(88 points)


Today I have in my glass St Magdalene, distilled in 1982, bottled in 2013 (31 years old) by independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail. Lot nr RO/13/01, 46% ABV.


St Magdalene 1982/2013 Gordon & MacPhail Rare Old

St Magdalene was established in the second half of the eighteenth century in the Lowlands and functioned until 1983, so my guest comes from the penultimate year of production. The distillery was located in the town of Linlithgow.
Closed distilleries are increasingly shrouding in legends, the prices of bottles are firmly soaring up. But what about the taste … Let’s see:

C: light gold;

N: rather subtle, with the emerging sweetness in the form of honey, toffee and vanilla, I also have candied fruit and a touch of wood, very nice and gently, after a while there is a fruit compote, apple compote, cake with fruits, spring meadow full of flowers, over time, I fell also recently mown grass and accents of green tea, further, traces of mint and chamomile, it seems to me that the smell is constantly growing;

T: quite oily, mainly sweet with honey, I have also candied fruits, peach syrup, apricots, oranges, rhubarb, delicate sour notes, sometimes it reminds me of white wine, something like … Riesling, so it is Riesling, at the end there are traces of grapefruit with bitterness;

F: long, mainly fruity.

Score: 88.

St Magdalene 1982/2013 is a subtle whisky. It impresses with its gentleness and accessibility (in the mater of smell and taste). Over 30 years of maturing had a positive impact on liquor, making it multilayered, while not overwhelming taste.

Currently, some of the distillery buildings are converted into apartments. Pagodas stayed as a historical monument.


St Magdalene

St Magdalene

St Magdalene

The old barns and kiln 1-23 St Magdalene

St Magdalene

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