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Royal Brackla 19 years old, 41% ABV

Royal Brackla 19 years old, 41% ABV


Rarely seen single malt from Highlands.

Testing / Tasting
(83 points)


Royal Brackla distillery is located in Nairn in the Scottish Highlands, approx. 25 km from Inverness. It belongs to John Dewar & Sons, which in turn is owned by Bacardi. It was built in 1812, and in 1833 King William IV authorized to use the adjective Royal, to distinguish whisky supplier to the royal court.

Royal Brackla 19 years old

Royal Brackla 19 years old

When I bought BenRiach 1988 Limited Release Generations Singapore Exclusive, by the way I decided to take also 100 ml bottle of Aultmore, I’ll write about it some day and Royal Brackla 19 years old, 41% ABV. In fact, I don’t have a lot of information on this particular whisky. It was poured directly from inactive, decoration barrel in the store. This is my first Royal Brackla, so I’m curious what I’m dealing with. In fact, the official releases of this single malt are rarity in the market, there are also little independent bottlings, most of the production goes to blends.

Royal Brackla 19 years old

Royal Brackla 19 years old

N: light but pleasantly fruity, I’ve got young apples, pear, peach, the whole is maintained in this direction, the total lack of alcohol irritation or spicyness, later also mineral notes come, then a shadow of vanilla and honey appear, after that I get a bit of lemons;

T: in the taste I also have advantage of the same fruits, except that alcohol is noticeable with a slight teasing tongue, passing in ginger, it seems to me that there is also a peat and wood with traces of bitterness;

F: medium length, dry, with traces of ginger passing in the notes of dark chocolate.

Score: 83.

Royal Brackla 19 years old is a pleasant and uncomplicated sipping single malt. You have to give it a little more time in the glass to develope and show more accents. I have the impression that aging took place in refilled bourbon casks.

Royal Brackla 19 years old

Royal Brackla 19 years old

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