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Mackmyra Skordetid & Mackmyra Moment Korsbar

Mackmyra Skordetid & Mackmyra Moment Korsbar


Swedish Single Malt Whisky.

Testing / Tasting
(75 points)


I recently got two samples with news from Swedish Mackmyra, for which I heartily thank you. Earlier in the blog I described their first version of 10 years old.
Let’s see what our girlfriends are hiding inside.


Mackmyra Skordetid & Mackmyra Moment Korsbar

Mackmyra Skordetid, 46.1% ABV


N: sweet with clear wine accents, but also plenty of honey, caramel and toffee, after a while it all evaporates and there are mainly traces of spices, then again the previous accents shyly return, but they are much less intense, at the end the touch of lemon and its skin is revealed;

S: here it is also sweet, with coconut, vanilla and honey, but also with very clear ginger, to all this notes from time to time I have a lemon, it’s peel and grapefruit;

F: even long, dry and with ginger.

Score: 75.

Mackmyra Skordetid, 46.1% ABV makes a young impression, can be characterized by a large amount of ginger and is dry. Initially, the smell is promising, but pretty soon is gone with a wind. Taste has quite a big route to catch up after the nose.


Mackmyra Skordetid & Mackmyra Moment Korsbar

Mackmyra Moment Korsbar, 47% ABV


N: here also it begins sweet but also with some accents of rum, milk chocolate with raisins, then coconut and vanilla comes in, after that quite timidly fruits emerge, cherry, apricot, dried apricot, peach and even nectarine, I also have candied orange, then milk chocolate and some raisins come back, very nice;

T: I have similar accents in the taste, it is sweet with rum, milk chocolate and raisins, then a whole bunch of fruits – from orange to grapefruit, finally it is getting quite dry, with the touch of ginger and oak;

F: pretty long, sweet with candied fruits and increasingly dry.

Score: 80.

Mackmyra Moment Korsbar, 47% ABV draws attention to the apricot color, though I do not know whether natural. It has a nice, well developed smell and coinciding with it taste, though it creeps into some fresh ginger.

Swedish single malt whisky

Mackmyra Skordetid & Mackmyra Moment Korsbar

At the end I mixed the residue from both samples and in that version I liked these whiskies the most.

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