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Mackmyra 10 years old

Mackmyra 10 years old


Swedish Single Malt Whisky.

Testing / Tasting
(80 points)


At our neighbor, on the other side of the lake (Baltic Sea), there was a great feast. Mackmyra has just released its first single malt single with a symbolic age of 10 years.
The distillate was matured in Bourbon barrels, in American white oak barrels and in Sherry Oloroso casks. Bottling with 46.1% ABV.
Let’s see how it tastes.

N: directly after opening but still in the bottle, the nose is pleasant, quite winey, then large doses of sweetness with vanilla and honey, as soon as I poured it into the glass, the pepper notes came out immediately, ginger, cardamom and anise too, with the time, the scent was enriched with fruits – something like orange, at the end rhubarb cake, I added a few drops of water, after that the nose got traces of wood and a touch of lemon;

T: right from the bigining it sparks on the tongue, but also quickly shows the sweetness, mainly vanilla, then fruits – a touch of ripe orange and grapefruit, further, the taste goes into the constantly increasing bitterness of ginger, also here the water has extracted wood, whisky has become drier;

F: medium long with grapefruit and bitterness, dry.

Score: 80.

Mackmyra 10 years old is characterized by a pleasant smell, taste is not keeping pace with it, it is too gingery and dry.
From now on the world is richer with another single malt outside of Scotland, or Japan and what is a good prognosis, with age statement – 10 years.
Mackmyra – Congratulations and Na Zdrowie!


Mackmyra 10 years oldSwedish Single Malt Whisky

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