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Longrow Red 13 years old Malbec Cask Matured

Longrow Red 13 years old Malbec Cask Matured


Peat and red wine..

Testing / Tasting
(84 points)


During last Whisky Live Warsaw 2017, a friend of mine presented me a solid sample of Longrow Red 13 years old Malbec Cask Matured – great thanks.
Longrow is a peated whisky produced by the Springbank Distillery, next to the Springbark (medium peated) and much milder Hazelburn. We are talking about the Campbeltown Region, which is the smallest whisky region in Scotland. In addition to these, there are also Glen Scotia Distillery and Glengyle Distillery producing Kilkerran.
My guest for today is 13 years old, the last period (nearly 1.5 years) maturing in barrels of Malbec (red wine). They bottled it with the power of 51.3% ABV, unchillfiltered and natural color. The edition has been limited to 9000 bottles.

C: gold;

N: it starts with bandages, ash, so the effect of peat seems obvious, as well as the barley dried with peat, in a moment the fruits arrive, mature orange, peach, all these tones are quite calm and balanced, much more here do not happen at this stage, I have to give it a breather and probably add some water, we will see in a moment; after a few minutes I have a little spice, pepper, cardamom, with water more definitely sweet with vanilla, toffee, a drop of lemon, a touch of salt, and a little later wet chalk;

T: so here comes the peat too and it’s the one that dominates at the beginning, but without the fuss, fruits, plums, fresh and dried fruits, ripe orange, red orange and then ginger, cardamom are added to the accompaniment, with the addiction of water it is a little sweeter with bigger grapefruit and red orange, with time more and more dry, maybe a bit too much;

F: long with peat and traces of orange, dry.

Score: 84.

Longrow Red 13 years old Malbec Cask Matured is a decent single malt although after looking at it’s natural presentation, high power, interesting nose I was expecting something more.


Longrow Red 13 years old Malbec Cask Matured

Comments (2)

  1. Emil

    2 December 2017 / 21:53

    Wszedłem na stronę przypadkiem gdyż szukałem pomysłu na prezent. Nie znalazłem książki gości więc wpisuję się tylko w komentarzu.

    Whisky nie lubię, nie smakuje mi jeszcze (może kiedyś zacznie) ale czytając Pańskie opisy nawet nabrałem ochoty na spróbowanie kilku. Świetnie przygotowana strony, bardzo ciekawe opisy.

    Może Pan polecić jakiś poradnik od czego zacząć? Tak by nie zabiło na samym starcie 😉

    Dziękuje i pozdrawiam


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