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Johnnie Walker Red Label

Johnnie Walker Red Label


“whisky no 1 in the world” – producer.

Testing / Tasting
(65 points)


After Chivas 12 years old I decided to go after blow and describe the next blend. Blend by large B. Johnnie Walker Red Label needs no introduction. According to the manufacturer it is “whiskey No. 1 in the world.” This may be true in terms of the number of sold bottles. Johnnie Walker Red Label is a blended whisky, which is a mixture of grain whiskies and single malts, without specifying age (NAS). In the case of basic blends grain content is relatively large, easily and cheaply it can be produced, so it is just a good filler. The DIAGEO company offered on our market also Johnnie Walker Green Label, it is a blended malt, which is a mixture of only single malts – 15 years old. I must admit that I liked it, still have a bottle (in a post about it I also wrote briefly about the history of the brand). Red Johnny is bottled at the minimum level of 40% ABV.


Johnnie Walker Red Label

N: at once raw, unpleasant alcohol, which after a while is gone with the wind, then grainy, sharp accents of grain whisky, dry hay, distant smoke and peat, also a touch of caramel and something sour;

T: warming, raw, alcoholic, traces of peat, and moreover, nothing special;

F: short alcoholic.

Score: 65.

Well it’s pretty shallow whisky with a noticeable unpleasant alcohol.
Perhaps suitable only for mixing with Coke, ice or something else depending on your taste or needs. To Green Label there is an entire epoch.


Johnnie Walker Red Label


Johnnie Walker Red Label

Comments (3)

  1. tomasz

    7 June 2015 / 13:23

    Moim zdaniem nic nie pobije smaku 12 letniego Grantsa. Bardzo intensywny a zarazem delikatny smak. To jest mój faworyt.

    • LukLovesWhisky

      7 June 2015 / 19:57

      Moim zdaniem Grant’s zarówno w wersji podstawowej, nie mówiąc już o 12 yo są zdecydowanie lepsze od JW RL.

  2. Wipserek

    12 February 2017 / 14:32

    Grants to zlewki


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