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Glenfarclas 1953 58 years old

Glenfarclas 1953 58 years old


The oldest whisky I have ever tasted.

Testing / Tasting
(93 points)


A time ago I wrote about remarkabe event of preparing for Poland 58 years old whisky Glenfarclas (here is a link). This Single malt was distilled in 1953 roku and so far is the oldest from the distillery. There are 400 bottles of unique whisky from one cask. The initiator and organizer of the project is the Wealth Solutions company from Warsaw, who has also brought Karuizawa 1964 to Poland.

Glenfarclas 1953 58 years old

Glenfarclas 1953 58 years old

Glenfarclas is located in the largest in terms of number of distilleries Region – Speyside, Scotland of course. This is a region of the River Spey in the NE part of the country. Interestingly, continuously since 1853 distillery belongs to the same family of Grant. Little is left of these, as most distilleries today are part of the big companies, such as Diageo, Pernod Ricard, LVHM. A pity, such a family distilleries, with its ups and downs, give the whisky additional climate and romance. Large companies often are associated mostly with big money, big marketing staffs and maximizing profit, that are the corporations…

Placing the post of Glenfarclas 1953 I didn’t even dare to think that I would be able to try so old and expensive whisky, but I managed and have tasted this beauty.

Glenfarclas 1953 58 years old

Glenfarclas 1953 58 years old

As for a special edition, we have: single cask, natural colour, un-chillfiltered, cask strength 47,2% ABV.

C: amber, gold – looks oily, slowly flows down in the glass,

N: homemade cake, blueberry muffin, in the background delicate tones of wood, rhubarb compote, sweet, just open package with the Haribo (in classic expression), there are also vegetable tones, dry hay in a field in summer, after that there is even citrus with its slighly acidity notes, ginger, in the distance sherry is emerging – rich and complex nose – by the first sniff I felt it very similar to Taketsuru Pure Malt 12 years old, but after the moment the nose of Glenfarclas revealed in all its glory pointing to the complexity and multiple layers, with a drop of water – more sweet with vanilla and vegetable tones;

T: oily, deep, peppery across the mouth down to the throat, the strong taste of Polish red-ripe apples, pear, obviously for such as mature whisky there are also traces of wood, rather without big bitterness, but surprisingly not taking the overwhelming power, the addition of water emerges a sweetness, but also enhances the wood tones with bitterness and the addition of acidity;

F: quite long with ripe apples, although I expected a bit longer finish.

Score: 93

Glenfarclas 1953 58 years old

Glenfarclas 1953 58 years old

Whisky was matured in sherry cask, I assume that it was not the first fill cask as sherry is not overpowering, as certainly would have been after 58 years in the first fill cask. Color also is not particularly dark, as in Karuizawa. Using not the first fill cask helped bringing out not only heavy sherry flavours.

This is the oldest single malt I have ever drank, the tasting was a great celebration, for which I prepared a few days, properly tuning up. Memories after the whisky certainly will remain for a long time.

Glenfarclas 1953 58 years old

Glenfarclas 1953 58 years old

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