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GlenDronach 1994/2015, 58.1% ABV

GlenDronach 1994/2015, 58.1% ABV


Hand filled, single cask.

Testing / Tasting
(90 points)


GlenDronach is recently very well growing single malt. The distillery is famous for the editions of whisky aged in casks after fortified wines, particularly sherry. Previously I described special edition prepared for Whisky Live Tokyo 2013. That whisky was 10 years old and matured in Sauternes cask (you can read about it here). I like it.

Today I have in a glass a special edition too, available only at the distillery for hand-filling. Distilled 7th October 1994, bottled 12 March 2015, we have then 20 years old. It was matured in sherry puncheon. Natural colour, cask strength 58.1% ABV, single cask 233/3200 and unchillfiltered. Inside the bottle, you can see the beautiful sediment from the barrel. Can you ask for more …


GlenDronach 1994/2015, 58.1% ABV


GlenDronach 1994/2015, 58.1% ABV


GlenDronach 1994/2015, 58.1% ABV

C: tea,

N: at first I feel the power, but not in irritating way, sweet, liqueurish, caramel, honey, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, raisins, leather chairs and sofas, after a while I have fruits, plums, cherries, ripe bitter oranges, in the distance a little smoke and maybe some dust too, smell is growing lovely with the time, I still have combinations of chocolate and fruits;

T: mmmmm, rich and intense, of course, sweet with caramel, honey, liqueur and chocolate, there are also raisins, figs and dates, plums, cherries, fruits in chocolate, after adding a certain amount of water there is something a little sour;

F: long, still liqueurish, the prunes in chocolate, passing in dry.

Score: 90.

All is very nicely balanced, smell corresponds to taste. Cask strength 58.1% ABV gives a great scope for the gradual addition of water and study the changes of whisky.
GlenDronach is so hot right now.

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