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Glen Grant The Major’s Reserve

Glen Grant The Major’s Reserve


NAS from Glen Grant.

Testing / Tasting
(77 points)


The blog has already hosted Glen Grant, but it was a great collectible whisky – 1948, 66 years old, bottled by Gordon & MacPhail for Wealth Solutions. Today something closer to the ground level, that is the basic version of Glen Grant The Major’s Reserve, bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV.

glen grant

Glen Grant The Major’s Reserve

N: surprisingly for a NAS does not have typical impact of alcohol, as it is quite sweet with caramel, toffee and vanilla, not particularly intense, volatile nor complex, after the time delicate citruses appear, basically a drop of orange juice, almost ripe plum, with the time I have a touch of lemon;

T: the first phase is quite calm as soon I have a slight sourness and quite distinct ginger, a bit sweet, a little vanilla, a touch of grapefruit, at the end begins to warm up;

F: short to medium long slightly dry, with traces of bitterness.

Score: 77.

Quiet and simple NAS, without diverse and comprehensive tasting experiences. You can clearly see after this whisky to road that Glen Grant 1948, 66 years old had to go.

glen grant

Glen Grant The Major’s Reserve

glen grant

Glen Grant The Major’s Reserve

Comments (2)

  1. amator

    2 June 2015 / 13:09

    Witam fajnym pomysłem by była mała notka na temat glengrant 10 yo tak dla porównania z innymi wersjami tej whisky.


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