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Glen Grant 1950, 65 years old, cask 2747

Glen Grant 1950, 65 years old, cask 2747


from Gordon & MacPhail for Wealth Solutions.

Testing / Tasting
(92 points)


Wealth Solutions continues the tradition, and this year offers another more than half a century old single malt.
I had the pleasure to taste the earlier editions:

  1. Glenfarclas 1953, 58 years old
  2. Karuizawa 1964, 48 years old
  3. Glen Grant 1948, 66 years old

Each of these single malts deserves very high marks.
This time we have whisky distilled, as before, by Glen Grant in 1950, bottled on 14th October 2015, which is exactly after 65 years of maturing, which took place in Gordon & MacPhail’s warehouses. Presentation of course, fully natural: single cask No. 2747, natural colour, un-chillfiltered and cask strength. Interestingly alcohol level is 59.3% ABV. This means that the cask had to be well hidden from the angels, who drank little from the original 63.5% ABV (angel’s share).


Glen Grant 1950, 65 years old, cask 2747

I’m very curious about the content, so let’s do the tasting.

C: amber;

N: evidently sweet in different varieties, gingerbread with icing, pine cough syrup, maple syrup, milk chocolate, caramel, toffee, cappuccino, raisins and plums, then I have herbs and spices, cloves, star anise, licorice, mulled wine climates, everything is big and intense, but without the annoying tones of alcohol, after some time, prunes in chocolate, dusty wooden cupboard, leather armchairs and sofas, a touch of smoke – beautiful, further arrive: ripe oranges, tangerines, along with their skins, melon; constantly changing, shows many layers; a drop of water enhances the impressions;

T: very intense, rich and versatile, there is the power, whisky perfectly spreads throughout the mouth and stays for long, the taste is slightly warming, it corresponds well to what I feel on the nose, there are various elements of sweetness, from gingerbread and maple syrup by milk chocolate, caramel, toffee and vanilla, I also have a lot of fruits, including ripe plums, mandarins, oranges, I can also clearly fell elements of wood, turning into bitterness, which strengthens after adding a few drops of water;

F: very long, sweet, with red fruits, traces of ginger and wood.

Score: 92.

Another big whisky, which I could try. It’s one of those single malts that you can sit with for hours and discover new scents. Despite the 59.3% ABV there is nothing annoying, you can taste without adding water. I have a feeling that a few drops of water highlighted the wood elements in flavor and strengthened the bitterness. After 65 years in the cask wood must be present.


Glen Grant 1950, 65 years old, cask 2747


Glen Grant 1950, 65 years old, cask 2747

Comments (3)

  1. Jan van den Ende

    16 November 2015 / 17:54

    Hi Lukasz,

    It’s great to be able to taste these old and wise whiskies. I must admit though I’m quite puzzled with the high ABV. Were you able to find out how so little Spirit was lost to the Angels?

    • LukLovesWhisky

      16 November 2015 / 21:24

      Hi Jan.
      I am glad that I could taste them.
      This is a very interesting case with the angel’s share in this whisky. I haven’t yet examined this issue closer. But probably it is the matter of tightness of the cask and atmospheric conditions in a particular place in the warehouse.
      Best wishes.

      • LukLovesWhisky

        21 November 2015 / 19:41

        From what I realized the evaporation occurred. There was only about 1/3 of the original content of the cask. Except that, it had to be matured in a very dry place, which meant that there was more water to evaporate than alcohol.


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