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Dalmore 1999/2013, 46% ABV, Connoisseurs Choice, Gordon & MacPhail

Dalmore 1999/2013, 46% ABV, Connoisseurs Choice, Gordon & MacPhail


Independent Dalmore.

Testing / Tasting
(80 points)


Four years ago on the blog I posted an entry about Dalmore 12 years old (how this time flies), I invite you to that entry as a prelude to today’s colleague, which is Dalmore from an independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice series, vintage 1999, bottled in 2013 with 46% ABV. Typically for the release we have natural color and unchillfiltered. On this occasion, I have to mention Brand Ambassador Richard Paterson, who seems to be celebrating 50th anniversary in the whisky business this year. I had the opportunity to meet him at the Whisky Live Paris 2013 (how this time flies;)).

C: white wine,

N: fresh and sweet, vanilla, coconut, almonds and macadamia nuts, it rolled right to me just after pouring into the glass, then I came up with a young apple and grapefruit peel, still maybe lychee or quince, quite interesting but not very intense,

T: sweet tones – present, fruits – present, bitterness – present, at the beginning all of that seems to be in a balance, although with time the ginger and bitterness grows bigger, among other things also grapefruit can be perceptible and a touch of young peach too,

F: rather long with ginger.

Score: 80.

Dalmore 1999/2013, 46% ABV, Connoisseurs Choice od Gordon & MacPhail is a good malt, but nothing special stands out behind it, and in my opinion it gives too much ginger.


Dalmore 1999/2013, 46% ABV, Connoisseurs Choice, Gordon & MacPhail

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