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Chivas 35 years old and 18 years old

Chivas 35 years old and 18 years old


The oldest blend I have drunk.

Testing / Tasting


Recently, a friend invited me to a tasting of Chivas 35 years old. I have to admit that this is the oldest blend with which I have dealt with and I was very curious what it has to offer. It took us some time to synchronize terms, but in the end we were able to meet.
We sat in three of us and began debating what to give as a primer. Initially we thought about Strathisla, as an important component of Chivas, but we doubt whether single malt does not turn out too dominant for further tasting. Finally, we chose Chivas 18 years old, hoping to observe the effect of age on the taste and smell. Here we go.

Chivas 18 years old, 40% ABV.

N: citruses, candied fruits, candied cherries, dried apricots, pleasantly sweet, very nice and quiet, plus there is no impact of alcohol;

T: here already I feel a little of alcohol, but without exaggeration, grain is also there but quite balanced, some fruits, apricot, dried apricot, peach and pineapple, a drop of orange juice;

F: medium length, with pineapple and maybe an orange.

I miss a little bit of dark tones, smoke, peat, but it is precisely this style of Chivas, rather quiet, gentle and soft.

Score: 82.

Once we realized the fundamental tasting experience of Chivas, we went to the star of the evening – Chivas 35 years old. In this case, we had a cask strength – 45.8% ABV and un-chillfiltered.

Chivas 35 years old, 45,8%, un-chillfiltered.

C: amber (maybe natural);

N: orange, orange peel, fudge, tangerines, there are also candied fruits and dried apricots, white pepper, subtle notes of honey, heather, toffee, caramel, no graininess, nor alcohol irritation, after a drop of water even floral;

T: quite a lot of sparks on the tongue, which quickly passes, a lot of pineapple, including grilled pineapple, also peach, grapefruit, quite deep and intense, pleasurable tones of wood, vanilla, a touch of charcoal;

F: long with pineapple.

You can feel that this Chivas, it is sweet, nice, even floral. After 35 years, the theme has become intense pineapple. Very subtle and refined whisky.

Score: 86.

At the end we wanted to go to Strathisla 12 years old, looking for Chivas accents that we did find.
On the blog there is also a tasting of Chivas 12 years old. On this example, you can confidently say that age matters.
It was very nice meeting and pleasant tasting.
Regards guys.

Chivas 35 years old

Chivas 35 years old

Chivas 35 years old

Chivas 35 years old

Chivas 35 years old

Chivas 35 years old

Chivas 35 years old

Chivas 35 years old

Comments (2)

  1. rick

    2 March 2015 / 23:25

    Wow ale gratka, moj ulubiony blend jak widać wiek mu służy

    • LukLovesWhisky

      7 March 2015 / 21:45

      Z Chivasów ten smakował mi najbardziej i w ich przypadku także im starszy, tym bardziej mi odpowiada.


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