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Ardbeg Twenty Something 23 years old

Ardbeg Twenty Something 23 years old


Fully matured Ardbeg.

Testing / Tasting
(89 points)


Today, wandering the streets of Sopot, in principle, quite unexpectedly, I hit tasting of a new Ardbeg Twenty Something 23 years old. It’s good sometimes to go out and explore the city 😉
We’re dealing here with a bottling from 2017, guaranteed 23 years of maturation, as certified by the producer and non chill-filtered. Power is placed at a reasonable 46.3% ABV.
This is the second edition of the Twenty Something, prepared to honor the people who protected the distillery from complete closure for good. In September 2016, the 21 years old version appeared, while this year we could see 22 years old.
One can say that we have a true debauchery, three adult Ardbegs in the last three years, it probably has never happened before.


Ardbeg Twenty Something 23 years old


Ardbeg Twenty Something 23 years old


Ardbeg Twenty Something 23 years old

Let’s get to work!

C: gold;

N: interesting, deep, even fruity despite the still perceptible peat, which is balanced and does not overwhelm, orange, also its peel, candied orange, peach, plus a drop of lemon, then a touch of toffee and caramel, of course, in the surrounding we have a little smoke all the time , warm asphalt and salt sea air;

T: in taste, the elements of peat are definitely more intense, which does not prevent the fruit present in the aroma, also appear here, then I also have the touch of brine, wood and warming brush ginger, the taste gives the impression of quite thick and oily;

F: long peat, with traces of ginger and orange.

Score: 89.

This is a very interesting and mature edition of Ardbeg, worth trying if you encounter it, although the current price is a bit scary. Nothing you can do, life.


Ardbeg Twenty Something 23 years old

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