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anCnoc rutter, flaughter i tushkar

anCnoc rutter, flaughter i tushkar


new peaty editions.

Testing / Tasting


As I announced in the description of anCnoc 1993, today the tasting experience of new peaty releases from anCnoc: Rutter, Flaughter and Tushkar. In recent years we have received only non peated whisky from anCnoc. The distillery has come to the conclusion that they need to spice up the offer and introduced three new peaty whiskies. Rutter containing 11 ppm (phenol in parts per milion), Flaughter 14,8 ppm and Tushkar 15 ppm. The last one is available only in Sweden. All of them quite naturally presented: natural colour, unchillfiltered and 46% ABV. For clarity, I should add that the names of the new single malts come from the tools used for the peat extraction.

anCnoc rutter

anCnoc rutter

anCnoc Rutter 11,0 ppm

C: straw,

N: this is peaty series, so at once I am suggestively looking for peat and find it, it is quiet, pretty balanced, there is nothing especially irritating, a bit of paint or varnish, further fruity, I am thinking of blackberries, peach or pear, after a while it gets sweet with a touch of grass, a few drops of water enhance the sweetness with vanilla, there are flowers and something soury,

T: interesting…, well distributes around the mouth, fruits are still with me – blackberries, nice touches of wood, peat, strongly peppery with even burning, the addition of water turns the pepper down, makes it milder, while at the same time diversify and intensify the fruits, there is an apple, pear, in the background I can also feel the ash,

F: long with the remainder of the flames, blackberries, and a touch of sweet.

Score: 83.

Unusual burning and probably severity of alcohol, not for beginners for sure. Water is especially useful for milding the burn, two drops are enough.

anCnoc flaughter

anCnoc flaughter

anCnoc Flaughter 14,8 ppm

C: straw,

N: here the smell is “darker”, wet earth, the air after the rain during the hot summer, smoked fish, grilled seafood, a higher level of peat is perceptible, interestingly I also have accents of chocolate and plums, then the fruits, including blackberries, apples, here are less fruits than in Rutter, nothing irritates the nose, after adding water more sweet and floral notes,

T: begins juicy, fruity, further there is no shortage of ash, peat, and oak, characteristic pepperness remains, but there is no burning, which I clearly felt in Rutter, a little salty, a drop of water emphasizes the sweetness and enhances the ash,

F: long with ash and traces of fruits.

Score: 86.

Increased level of peat is perceptible here, the nature of this whisky is more earthy, salty but a little less fruity and sweet, you need only a drop of water if any is needed. Like it.

anCnoc tushkar

anCnoc tushkar

anCnoc Tushkar 15,0 ppm

C: straw,

N: this time the beginning is sweet, biscuity, then floral, and even perfumy, vanilla, banana, peach, then citruses are emerging: lemon peel, orange juice, despite 15 ppm the peat is the least overbearing in relation to the other editions, or simply the intensity of remaining scents is greater,

T: sweet vanilla, tropical fruits, banana, some peat and a touch of oak bitterness, pleasant sparkling on the tongue, after a while and the addition of water I get more peat and even some grilled seafood,

F: long with fruits.

Score: 85.

Smell and taste here are significantly different from the brothers, it seems that the impact of peat is the mildest (despite ppm), though perhaps just other notes are more intense, suggesting a more active barrels.

I conducted tasting with samples. I received them from a representative of distillery. Thank you.

anCnoc rutter, flaughter, tushkar

anCnoc rutter, flaughter, tushkar

Comments (2)

  1. Grzegorz Nowicki

    11 May 2014 / 22:50

    Jak widać coraz większa liczba destylarni urozmaica swoją ofertę o whisky z torfem w tle. Tutaj jak widać poszli w stronę delikatnego dymu. Ciekawy pomysł z tymi nazwami poszczególnych wersji torfowych ale żal, że nie zostawili ich bez rozcieńczania…

    • LukLovesWhisky

      12 May 2014 / 21:49

      Rzeczywiście takich single maltów jest coraz więcej. Ostatnio torfowe wydania zaczął oferować Arran, teraz anCnoc, a nawet Glenfiddich. Podobno torfowe whisky statystycznie są wyżej oceniane, poza tym trzeba zaspokoić gusta publiczności i wypełnić wszystkie nisze. Z drugiej strony mamy więcej do degustowania. 🙂


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