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Whisky Legend 2016

Whisky Legend 2016


Blind tasting in Warsaw […]

Two weeks ago, oh how time flies ... I had the pleasure to participate in the Whisky Legend 2016 tasting organized by Daniel and Grzegorz from Whiskymywife. Leitmotif was Port Ellen versus the rest - only closed distilleries. Convention the same as at Whisky Legend 2015 - blind tasting. Information about what, in what order we drank was revealed at the end. Below I present my basic tasting impressions, but I didnt write everything during the event, in effect, records are not able to cast magic of the liquor ;). I also added a score of the whole group and mine. Heres the whole set: [caption id=attachment_5665 align=alignnone width=801] Whisky Legend 2016 fot. Daniel Lichota[/caption] Starter. Caperdonich, 20 years old, 1994/2014, 46%, Berrys’ N: sweet, citrus, generally nice, a lot of apples, oranges, candied cherries; T: sweet, grapefruit, a lot of bitter apples; F: quite long, mineral. Apples, Calvados. Score: 3.5/85, group 3.76/ca. 86. [caption id=attachment_5680 align=alignnone width=801] Caperdonich, 20 years old, 1994/2014, 46%, Berrys’[/caption] Dram 1 Place 12 Littlemill, 24 years old, 1990/2014, 50.6%, Maltbarn, 158 bottles. N: mineral, ripe sweet apple, honey, vanilla, cooked apples, pears; T: sweet with honey, vanilla, and further turns up something to reach the fruit, grapefruit bitterness, grapefruit peel, little tweaks on the tongue; F: medium length, with apple and honey. Nose pleasant, taste with bitterness. Score: 5/88, group 4.85/ca. 88. [caption id=attachment_5666 align=alignnone width=801] Littlemill, 24 years old, 1990/2014, 50.6%, Maltbarn[/caption] Dram 2 Place 10 St. Magdalene, 32 years old, 1982/2014, 58.1%, Cadenhead, 282 bottles. N: citrus, lemon, lime, traces of wood, hay, and then mineral, after adding a few drops of water scent became biscuity, buttery; T: initially sharply and warming, we need water, then came grapefruit and lemon; F: quite long with...

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Miscellanea Testing / Tasting
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  • Port Ellen 1979/2013, Rare Old, Gordon & MacPhail, 46%, Lot RO/12/08

    Port Ellen 1979/2013, Rare Old, Gordon & MacPhail, 46%, Lot RO/12/08


    Testing / Tasting
    (86 points)

    My year

    In fact, I wanted to write that here we have the first Port Ellen on the blog, but not, after all, it has already appeared on the occasion of Whisky Live Paris 2013 and Whisky Legend tasting. I will not go into unnecessary arguments that it is legendary distillery from Islay, closed in 1983. One only needs to be pointed out that this vintage 1979, bottled at 46% ABV in 2013, by an independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail. Lot nr RO/12/08. [caption id=attachment_4585 align=alignnone...

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  • Whisky Live Paris 2013 part 3

    Whisky Live Paris 2013 part 3


    Miscellanea Testing / Tasting Travel

    Tasting collectable whiskies

    During the Whisky Live Paris 2013 there was the opportunity to taste some rare and therefore collectable single malts. Whisky was poured by Serge Valentin. [caption id=attachment_2258 align=alignnone width=801] Whisky Live Paris Serge Valentin[/caption] Im not sure what Loch Dhu was doing there, but maybe some sense of that was hiding. [caption id=attachment_2259 align=alignnone width=801] Whisky Live Paris Collectible Single Malts[/caption] During the two days of the...

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  • Isle of Islay – part IV Farewell

    Isle of Islay – part IV Farewell



    Beautiful Islay of Islay

    That cow you can meet while exploaring Islay of Islay. [caption id=attachment_789 align=alignnone width=801] Scottish cow, ready for discussion[/caption] Besides, there are many more cows, sheep, horses and other. [caption id=attachment_791 align=alignnone width=801] Cows on the road - have become part of the landscape on Islay[/caption] [caption id=attachment_792 align=alignnone width=801] Pony at Kilchoman Distillery[/caption] [caption id=attachment_793...

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