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Hibiki 17 years old

Hibiki 17 years old


in Airbus A340 […]

For the end of posts related to my recent stay in Japan I left the last whisky partly tasted in the Land of the Rising Sun. Partly, because in the plane on the way back to Europe. [caption id=attachment_4239 align=alignnone width=801] Airbus A340[/caption] Whisky on Japanese airports has a relatively low prices in comparison to those appearing in stores. Unfortunately, I did not buy there any large bottle, I flew to Gdansk via Munich, where on the security check I would have to leave it. But I contented myself with a small bottle of Hibiki 17 years old, 43% ABV. [caption id=attachment_4240 align=alignnone width=801] Hibiki 17 years old[/caption] [caption id=attachment_4241 align=alignnone width=801] Hibiki 17 years old[/caption] N: typical Japanese, pleasant, sweet, with Christmas cake, lots of vanilla, mizunara I would say, there are also herbs, practically no irritating traces of grain whisky, in fact no irritating tones at all, then I fell raisins, biscuits, coconut, honey, I think that I can also sence a bit of smoke here, after a while, there is a lot of soft floral notes, hard candy, tangerine peel, mikan when you peel it, pineapple; S: mmm…, very nice, is it a blend...?, interesting..., it is possible that the grain whisky content is relatively low, or maybe it is just 17 years in a barrel done its work, older grains can be really pleasant, here is a delicate sparkling on the tongue, lots of ripe fruits, orange, tangerine, or rather mikan, grapefruit, a touch of bitterness, pineapple, grain ingredients take some time to manifest themselves, but in a good balanced way; F: even long with grapefruit, mikan and traces of bitterness. Score: 85. Hibiki 17 years old is a positive surprise. Ive heard that its a solid blend, but never had the opportunity to examine it closer. Here, once again the Japanese proved that they can do a very good whisky. After this tasting I have established myself an idea of smell...

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Testing / Tasting
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  • Tasting in Yamazaki Distillery

    Tasting in Yamazaki Distillery


    Testing / Tasting Travel

    After visting, tasting.

    Previously I presented a photo report of Yamazaki Distillery visit. As it happens in decent distilleries, on site you can make tasting. Usually only basic single malt releases are available. In Yamazaki it was a lot more interesting. While the distillery tour, of course, we were offered Yamazaki NAS and Hakushu NAS - given in popular in Japan way, ie. with plenty of ice or for tough guys without dilution. Hesitantly, but I decided to let go my purism and check the ice version. Very tasty,...

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