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Glengoyne The Teapot Dram

Glengoyne The Teapot Dram


Młody Sherry Monster […]

Recently described on the blog Glengoyne, was quite nice 17 yo, not officially offered right now. A similar situation is with my today guest, that is not generally available outside the distillery. Thats where I bought this bottle in 2012. I really like this issues you can get only in distilleries. Glengoyne Teapot Dram is about to be a reminder of the daily rations for distillery workers, which they were once treated to make the work lighter... Today, it would not pass... We have here a combination of young 1st fill sherry casks, with a natural colour and healthy power of 58.8% ABV. C: strong black tea; N: still in the bottle very sweet, burned brown sugar, candied fruits, fruit compote, fruit cake, figs, properly and intense, in the glass - first appeared alcoholic strength and overshadowed everything I felt just before a moment, its probably from the stiring of a fluid, I need to wait a while ... after a while - the interior of the dusty closet, smoke, dried/smoked prunes, dried pear, Christmas Eve dried compote, dried plums in chocolate, dark chocolate, dried apricots, rich and complex; T: bbbuuuuhhhhaaaa, here is the power, quickly overwhelms the mouth and brings a lot of of fruits: plums, prunes, grapefruit, then a rather large dose of ginger, the addition of water made it very sweet, I have caramel, fruit cake, cough syrup, further even a drop of lemon, with time bitterness increases, at the end I have also a hint of coffee; F: medium long, with the remainder of of fruits, dry. Score: 85 Glengoyne The Teapot Dram is a young sherry monster. The impact of sherry is evident and can not be mistaken for anything else. The smell as the first alcohol evaporates is very nice. The taste is quite young with lots of ginger, but it has its own charm, especially in the winter afternoon. It is worth adding water, generally there is plenty of room for that. An interesting example of intense sherry NAS. [caption id=attachment_6961...

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My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
(85 points)

  • Glengoyne 17 years old

    Glengoyne 17 years old


    My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
    (83 points)

    Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Glengoyne distillery was the first one for me to visit. We drove a car from Glasgow to Islay, the distillery is on the way. Glengoyne is delightfully situated at the foot of the mountain, from which flows the stream. Location is very Scottish. What is interesting distillery itself is qualified as the Highlands and actually whisky is distilled in this region, but matures in the Lowlands, which is across the street, which also forms the border between the regions. It is surprising that nothing...

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