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Glenfiddich 12 years old

Glenfiddich 12 years old


Typical Speysider […]

We have already a few whiskies from Glenfiddich distillery on the blog (eg. Glenfiddich 19 years old Age of Discovery Red Wine Finish, Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix, Glenfiddich Rich Oak, Glenfiddich Excellence 26 years old, Glenfiddich 21 years old Gran Reserva Rum Cask Finish, Glenfiddich 18 years old). [caption id=attachment_6156 align=alignnone width=1602] Glenfiddich 12 years old[/caption] I also had the pleasure to visit the distillery a few times. Today it is time for tasting impressions of the flagship product - the 12 years old. The version with 40% ABV is widely available on the market, a bottle on the photos comes from travel retail and is 43% ABV. This has an impact on the tasting experience, generally it is more intense, sweeter with raisins and lychees in syrup. [caption id=attachment_6157 align=alignnone width=1602] Glenfiddich 12 years old[/caption] [caption id=attachment_6158 align=alignnone width=1602] Glenfiddich 12 years old[/caption] N: typical Speysider, light, pleasant, fruity and floral, after these first observations, I still have the same … and it is just like it should be, so it is fresh, fruity with lots of apples, pears, oranges and tangerines, generally fresh with delicate touches of sourness, like lemon peel, then vanilla, elements of fudge, somewhere in the distance perhaps a little bit of smoke and in the end even wood scraps; T: here it is also light, but with the sparks on the tongue, sweet with fruits: green apples, pears, oranges and grapefruits, a lemon drop, a little ginger with a touch of wood; F: medium long, fruity with apples and ginger remnants. Score: 83. Glenfiddich 12 years old is a typical example of single malt from Speyside. It is often said that this is a perfect single malt to try as a beginner. I think it is doing a good job with this task, and then can stay as a faithful friend for longer. [caption id=attachment_6159 align=alignnone width=1602] Glenfiddich 12...

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