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J.A. Baczewski Whisky

J.A. Baczewski Whisky


According to pre-war recipe […]

We all know how in recent years whisky is gaining popularity. It is produced, in various types, by more and more companies and countries. Recently there were some talks about another Polish (yes, I have heard that voices) whisky - J.A. Baczewski Whisky. However, it is not a Polish product but Austrian one. Probably for an uninitiated consumer (or simply not reading labels) the name may be associated with Poland. Anyway, thats right in some way, but its a history. Im not going to get into it now. There are a lot of available sources about that. Im interested in the content of the bottle. What are we dealing with? In essence, it is a typical blend, a mixture of various malts and grain whiskies, matured in white American oak barrles, bottled with 43% ABV. Lets see how it tastes. N: sweet and alcoholic, it has started like this, stayed and ended, I could possibly finish the description in this moment, but I must try to get some more; what else?; honey touch, maybe vanilla and traces of ginger, generally not intense and flat; T: also here first of all alcoholic and warming up, after that you can try to distinguish cereal graininess, ginger, quince, something metallic, occasionally sweet; F: short and dry. Score: 66. Baczewski Whisky in my opinion is quite close to the classical blends like Johnnie Walker Red Label or Ballantine’s Finest. For drinking without tasting aspirations, on ice or in drinks. Only it is more expensive, which will certainly make it difficult to achieve similar fame. On the other hand, its something new and refreshing in the segment if it is going to stay longer. [caption id=attachment_7186 align=alignnone width=1920] J. A. Baczewski Whisky[/caption] [caption id=attachment_7187 align=alignnone width=1920] J. A. Baczewski

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My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
(66 points)

  • Grant’s 18 years old

    Grant’s 18 years old


    My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
    (84 points)

    Dojrzały blend

    Today I came across by a desire for blended whisky, not on standard, widely available release, but for something less common. I started rummaging in the closet, I knew that something must be there. I waded through the malts and finally found Grants 18 years old. I have tasted 12 year old version, but 18 not yet. I do not need to remind anyone that the brand is part of the William Grant & Sons. The family company, or basically a family corporation I should say, their hands focus many...

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  • Grant’s 12 years old

    Grant’s 12 years old


    My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
    (80 points)

    Blended whisky

    Grants is a blended whisky. The brand belongs to William Grant & Sons. Immediately attracts the eye with characteristic triangular bottle, as in Glenfiddich. Today I have in my glass 12 year old version and Im curious about the tasting impressions. [caption id=attachment_4384 align=alignnone width=801] Grants 12 years old[/caption] N: pretty fruity, plums, oranges, apples, lots of mineral notes and a little grain, but not unpleasant, then vanilla, raisins and traces of nuts,...

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  • Chivas 35 years old and 18 years old

    Chivas 35 years old and 18 years old


    Testing / Tasting

    The oldest blend I have drunk

    Recently, a friend invited me to a tasting of Chivas 35 years old. I have to admit that this is the oldest blend with which I have dealt with and I was very curious what it has to offer. It took us some time to synchronize terms, but in the end we were able to meet. We sat in three of us and began debating what to give as a primer. Initially we thought about Strathisla, as an important component of Chivas, but we doubt whether single malt does not turn out too dominant for further tasting....

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  • Hibiki 17 years old

    Hibiki 17 years old


    Testing / Tasting
    (85 points)

    in Airbus A340

    For the end of posts related to my recent stay in Japan I left the last whisky partly tasted in the Land of the Rising Sun. Partly, because in the plane on the way back to Europe. [caption id=attachment_4239 align=alignnone width=801] Airbus A340[/caption] Whisky on Japanese airports has a relatively low prices in comparison to those appearing in stores. Unfortunately, I did not buy there any large bottle, I flew to Gdansk via Munich, where on the security check I would have to...

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  • Johnnie Walker Red Label

    Johnnie Walker Red Label


    Testing / Tasting
    (69 points)

    “whisky no 1 in the world” – producer

    After Chivas 12 years old I decided to go after blow and describe the next blend. Blend by large B. Johnnie Walker Red Label needs no introduction. According to the manufacturer it is whiskey No. 1 in the world. This may be true in terms of the number of sold bottles. Johnnie Walker Red Label is a blended whisky, which is a mixture of grain whiskies and single malts, without specifying age (NAS). In the case of basic blends grain content is relatively large, easily and cheaply it can be...

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  • Chivas Regal 12 years old

    Chivas Regal 12 years old


    Testing / Tasting
    (74 points)

    12 year old blend

    Several people have asked me to present some tasting impressions of blends. Usually I do not give them too much time, which is reflected in blog posts, but there are no obstacles to write about them from time to time. Generally blends are a bit different products than single malts. These first are mainly used for drinking in the company, at parties, on the rocks, with cola or in cocktails. In the case of single malts primarily I sink in their fragrances and flavors in quiet atmosphere....

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