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Benromach Wood Finish Hermitage

Benromach Wood Finish Hermitage


Kolejny Benromach […]

After the previous post about the Benromach 10 years old 100 Proof I decided to go with the flow and try the Benromach Wood Finish Hermitage. Lets get right to the details, and use as an introduction the previous post. This single malt was distilled in 2007 and bottled in 2016 with a power of 45% ABV. The basic time whisky matured in first fill Bourbon casks, followed by 31 months in barrels of wine from Hermitage Appellation. Quite a long finish in wine barrels. [caption id=attachment_6691 align=alignnone width=1920] Benromach Wood Finish Hermitage 2005/2014[/caption] C: amber; N: a lot of young, fresh apples, interspersed with vanilla, coconut and caramel, metallic, slightly mineral, also burned wood, over time I have more fruits, ripe orange and peach, traces of mandarin, dried apricots, candied fruits, hard candy, fruit cake, maybe a poppy-seed cake with chocolate, cinnamon, still sweet with recurrent elements of metallic and mineral, in principle, there is nothing irritating, complex and pleasant; T: here it is quite complex too, a mixture of fruits, apples, oranges, peaches and apricots, vanilla, grapefruit, a drop of lemon, further ginger, which over time increases, then there are traces of wood, I have also a touch of peat, over time it gets drier; F: medium length, dry with grapefruit and ginger. Score: 84. Benromach Wood Finish Hermitage is likeable, it is versatile and comprehensive in the smell, but the taste is a bit behind and at times it gets too gingery. Everything is of course a matter of your own

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